Your sheep should not need feeding anything other than grass or hay unless they are close to lambing. They will need some hay to supplement diet from roughly Xmas to Easter (obviously a bit of common sense needed here, though) and ewes in late pregnancy and those that have recently lambed will need a bit of additional food in the form of ewe nuts. You can try getting the ewe into one of these pens before she lambs but I found that with my sheep this seemed to distress them and leave them very agitated, so during the day I let them graze in a small paddock and at night I confine them to an open yard next to the lambing pens and let them drop their first lamb outside. Most sheep farmers will divide up their shed space into a number of cubicles known as lambing pens with each one just big enough for one ewe and her lambs. As I said, there just isn’t the space here to tell all that you need to know and lambing, probably more than any other aspect of sheep husbandry, is the bit you need to get right, so please get some training! Some of the rarer hill sheep are known as ‘primitive’ breeds and there … It is customary to cover the rams chest in a coloured dye known as raddle. It is hard physical work, and there are several pieces of fairly expensive kit that you will need in order to do a good job. Because if you don’t and your pet sheep that you reared on the bottle, gets complications delivering her first lamb at 2am you will wish with all your heart that you had. This will save you time, money and heartache. All I have space to say here is that there are three routine preventative medicinal treatments that every responsible sheep owner should carry out. There is a lot you need to know to avoid mistakes that can lead to an unpleasant experience for both sheep and owner. How to Start Sheep Farming Business. Don’t be tempted to acquire old, unhealthy or ‘rescue sheep’ until you have had masses of experience and really know what you are doing. However, you are much more likely to finish up with the opposite, i.e. Young, actively growing rams need considerably more nutrients than the mature ram. The worst of the winter weather will be gone and the grass that is just beginning to grow will be full of protein and will enable the ewes that eat it to produce plenty of milk. I read somewhere, I think it was in one of John Seymour’s books, that anyone contemplating keeping sheep for the first time should get themselves a sheep Guru, an experienced shepherd who can mentor them through their early years with sheep. (My Southdowns are very greedy and prone to put on weight and complain to me regularly that I restrict their grazing). This is normally done by placing a rubber ring over the scrotum and, by law, must not be done after the animal is a week old. Britain probably has the largest range of native sheep breeds in the world and it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes! By Believe it or not, someone asked me once if a sheep would come and tell you if it felt ill. Trust me, they don’t! If you are hell bent on doing it yourself then at least buy a copy of Andy Radfords ‘Guide To Stock Fencing’ – study it thoroughly and follow it closely. Please check the weather for NP25 and dress appropriately, including: There are three possible ways to do this: Firstly you could enlist the help of friends and neighbours and form a cordon to drive them in – this can work but there is a real hazard of the sheep trying to break out and knocking over one of the helpers as they do so, probably the smallest one. Likewise avoid bidding for stuff in a market. Don’t forget that these animals can be valuable and don’t underestimate the cost of getting started in terms of equipment. Advantages of Sheep Farming in India. Don’t be put off with some of the technical stuff (which can be a bit much for a beginner) the sections on stocking rate and grazing strategies are very useful ( - Manual 8 Planning Grazing Strategies).