His name is Ryan Murdock. Please understand, this isn’t some action flick fantasy. All Rights Reserved.Privacy Policy In the street? 影武者 noun. ), The “guiding hand / mobile hand” drill which awakens your body’s “sixth sense”. The exiled kagemusha, who has followed the Takeda army, is dismayed and in a final show of loyalty, he takes up a spear and makes a hopeless charge against the Oda lines. In other words…. 影武者 is the title for Shadow Warrior in Chinese and Japanese. Building unmatched levels of a special kind of strength known as “intrinsic strength”. That means you’re getting digital access to the entire Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior “master package” at a savings of almost 40% off the previously agreed, retail price. Here’s how you get started…. [2] It was released on home video in the United States with a 180-minute running time in 2005. (Drills like these hardcoded a Ninja’s nervous system to redirect strikes around obstacles — including blocks and parries — with disorienting impact and machine-like precision.). Want Ninja stamina? In fact, they were so formidable that Japanese warlords were forced to face one horrifying fact: Men possessed with the spirits of ancient deities. P.P.S. In Japan's Sengoku period, Takeda Shingen, daimyō of the Takeda clan, meets with his brother Nobukado, and an unnamed thief whom the latter met by chance and spared from crucifixion due to the thief's uncanny resemblance to Shingen. The “magic” behind the rapid development of your “supernatural skills” is Ryan’s way of moving your body from Ninja-Supple to Ninja-Strong. After all, the Ninja prized “stealth” in everything they did, including the instruction of their deepest, darkest fitness secrets. Hundreds of years ago, Japanese warlords were “haunted” by a clan of warriors who possessed mysterious and magical powers….  |  Kagemusha is the Japanese term for a political decoy, literally meaning "shadow warrior". “I’ve been doing push ups for a long, long time. The daimyō is based on Takeda Shingen, and the film ends with the climactic 1575 Battle of Nagashino. One evening when Shingen visits the battlefield he is shot by a sniper who has mapped Shingen's previous movements in the camp. Finally, once your “intrinsic base” is installed, you build traffic-stopping joint, tendon and ligament strength in odd ranges with “forbidden” exercises you’ve likely NEVER seen before. And yet, when practiced with discipline, they give your soft tissue (joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones) an almost supernatural breaking point. Consider it a gift for taking decisive action today. Kagemusha (影武者, Shadow Warrior) is a 1980 jidaigeki film directed by Akira Kurosawa. More…, Learning to re-integrate your breathing, movement and posture wires your body to move with a Ninja’s economy of motion… so you can endure more than most mortals, but with far less effort. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yet what you ARE going to discover is this: what feels like “play” is (in reality) hardcoding your nervous system with Ninja skills in a very sneaky way. “Now, even someone who is super-stiff, immobile, and out of shape can, in just a few short hours, know more about becoming ‘near-invincible’ in the gym than most athletes, weightlifters and strength coaches do… and do it in the fastest way possible!”. Even though almost nobody truly understands intrinsic strength today…. It’s a special collection of Ninja Cardio created for Ryan’s very first super-mysterious “inner circle”. On the field? Simply shoot an email over to support@forbiddenfitnesssecrets.com and let Ryan know. I see patients and write for a living so I make sure that I move and care for my wrists, elbows, and shoulders daily. Download all of the manuals and videos, or stream them from any of your devices, whichever you prefer. Order your personal copy of Forbidden Fitness Secrets while it’s still available. Anyway, do you want to know the most prized of their forbidden fitness secrets? So…. Mortally wounded, he orders a withdrawal and commands his generals to keep his death a secret for three years. And why you can do the same thing today… with the information on this website. Many beautiful special effects, and a number of scenes that filled holes in the story, landed on the "cutting-room floor". He’s used them to stay fit in 5 star hotels in Cairo. Forbidden Fitness Secrets Used By Legendary Japanese “Shadow Warriors” Reinforce Your Joints, Ligaments And Tendons With An Almost Supernatural Breaking Point is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.