( Log Out /  MIT did not respond to Motherboard’s request for comment. REPORT CONCERNING JEFFREY EPSTEIN’S INTERACTIONS WITH THE MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, the evidence shows that Epstein planned the donations to test whether MIT would accept his money notwithstanding his criminal record. In August, he published an apology to Epstein’s victims on Medium. A group of core organizers met with Reif privately afterwards. On October 31, students in Halloween costumes protested in the halls outside Lloyd’s office with signs that said “Seth Lloyd Must Go,” while several MIT police officers hovered nearby, according to students in attendance. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. In the ensuing scandal, the director of the MIT Media Lab, Professor Joi Ito, resigned from MIT as a result of his association with Epstein. On August 22, 2019, Lloyd published a letter apologizing for accepting grants (totaling $225,000) from Epstein. We'd like to hear from you and your friends. A new development in the case is that a report commissioned by MIT and done by an independent law firm, Goodwin Procter LLP, was just released on Jan 10, 2020. “This step is essential for members of the MIT community to begin to heal and for making folks feel safe,” they wrote in a widely circulated statement that they presented to administrators. This time, instead of reporting that Epstein was the donor, Lloyd reported that someone else, an Epstein assistant, Lesley Groff, was the donor. He “has driven students away from classes they were interested in taking by openly discussing and excusing his ties to a known and convicted child sex-trafficker. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Change ), Author: rrtucci (Robert R. Tucci, Ph.D. in Physics) MIT Students Against War are also demanding that the administration send a campus wide apology email acknowledging its failures in accepting donations from Epstein and how the events have impacted women and survivors on campus. Not only did he have a relationship with Epstein, he got investment into his personal bank account from Epstein. “You can kind of guess who doesn’t. Nevertheless, the donation was allowed to go through by the MIT officers in charge. “I’ve spoken to MIT about Seth Lloyd and they’ve said they think my op-ed was brave, but they can’t tell me about the Seth Lloyd situation because it’s a personnel matter.”. For Seth Lloyd, a self-described quantum engineer, taking Epstein’s money initially seemed a no-brainer. In 2012, Lloyd received 2 gifts of $50K each. This is a barrier to learning for survivors of sexual assault, for women (after all, Epstein’s survivors are women), and for others upon others.”. Do you have a story to tell about sexual assault or harassment in tech? "The remaining nine donations, all made after Epstein's 2008 conviction, included $525,000 to the Media Lab and $225,000 to" mechanical engineering professor Seth Lloyd, the … People with a history of sexual trauma or those in underrepresented groups in science already, those are the people who don’t feel comfortable.”. As a consequence of that report, Lloyd has been put by MIT on paid administrative leave. My email address is tucci(at)ar(hyphen)tiste(dot)com. During July 2019, reports surfaced that MIT and other institutions had accepted funding from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This blog will focus on topics related to quantum bayesian networks and quantum computing. 56 Followers ... Mr. Epstein and I met at a dinner for scientists and their supporters in 2004. “As long as Seth Lloyd teaches at MIT, our institution suffers. Lloyd has admitted to visiting Epstein while Epstein was in prison. Graham’s op-ed resonated with many students. Seth Lloyd, an undergraduate mechanical engineering professor, opened a quantum computing class this semester with a “monologue” about his relationship with Epstein. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Lloyd should obviously be fired. I’ve written in this blog 2 previous posts (first, second) on the connection between Jeffrey Epstein and quantum computing superstar, Seth Cesspool Lloyd .Allegedly, Lloyd first met Epstein in 2004 at a John Douchebag Brockman “The Edge” dinner. She had enrolled in the only quantum computing class that MIT offers to find out that Lloyd, who had been in the news for accepting funds from Epstein, would be her professor. “Some students feel comfortable remaining in the class and others don’t,” Graham told Motherboard. In her op-ed, Graham said that Lloyd opened his initial class, by asking, “How many of you have heard of Jeffrey Epstein?” and then diving into an explanation of why he decided to visit Epstein in prison and accept funds from him after he had been convicted of having sex with minors. But Seth Lloyd has flown under the radar,” Graham, who is 21, told Motherboard. IBL News | New York. In late August, MIT admitted that the university had accepted roughly $800,000 from Epstein, and that all of those gifts either went to the MIT Media Lab, or Lloyd. In late October, Graham wrote an op-ed in MIT’s student newspaper, The Tech about her decision. Specifically, Epstein was disappointed that other academic institutions would not accept his money following his 2008 conviction, and, as Epstein put it (using a fishing metaphor) in an email to Professor Lloyd, “im going to give you two 50k tranches to see if the line jingles.”. A contingent of them, known as MIT Students Against War, a group which formed this February after Henry Kissinger was invited to speak at a campus event, are now demanding that MIT fire Lloyd, or that he resign. Allegedly, Lloyd first met Epstein in 2004 at a John Douchebag Brockman “The Edge” dinner. Graham attended Lloyd’s first class—but after hearing his lecture, which included an unsolicited “monologue” about his relationship with Epstein—she and at least one other student dropped it, she told Motherboard. Seth Lloyd. “People have held the Media Lab accountable. Here is a link to the report and some of its new findings regarding Lloyd. Host, Slate Money) responds, both in Medium and as guest to CBS news, to Seth Lloyd’s letter in Medium claiming that the Goodwin Procter report is lying, Comment by rrtucci — January 19, 2020 @ 4:14 am, RSS feed for comments on this post. Recall that Epstein was convicted in 2008. A simple ArXiv search reveals that Lloyd acknowledged Epstein in 19 of his ArXiv papers. An engineering professor who accepted donations from Epstein is advising a freshman seminar at MIT this semester. “I have never been asked to decide whether or not I am willing to learn from a man who knowingly took donations from a convicted pedophile,” she wrote. Why is he still teaching? There have been at least two resignations there. The report discusses in detail 9 red-carpet visits of Epstein to the MIT campus. Mr. Epstein expressed remorse for his actions and assured me that he would not re-offend.”. Jeffrey Epstein sex criminal visited MIT nine times between 2013 and 2017 and these visits and all post-conviction gifts were driven by either former Media Lab director Joi Ito or professor of mechanical engineering Seth Lloyd, and not by the MIT administration or the Office of Resource Development.. Eleanor Graham, a fourth-year physics major at MIT, said she faced a tough decision when she received her class schedule this semester. You can message Lauren securely on Signal or Telegram at 201-897-2109 or email her at lauren.gurley@vice.com. I’ve written in this blog 2 previous posts (first, second) on the connection between Jeffrey Epstein and quantum computing superstar, Seth Cesspool Lloyd . Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The day before, students held a forum about Epstein’s ties to MIT attended by MIT’s president, Rafael Reif and other administrators, during which Seth Lloyd’s resignation came up. Additionally, they’re asking that the administration organize department specific forums led by outside facilitators to discuss the MIT-Epstein crisis, create whistleblower protections, and allow graduate students and researchers to reject funds for reasons of ethics and academic freedom. This was a power play, pure and simple,” Graham wrote of Lloyd’s lecture. When MIT phoned Groff about the donation, she revealed that the true donor was Epstein. He told students he had consulted important women in his life, his mother and wife, before taking the funds. Also, a picture widely available on the internet shows Lloyd at Epstein’s Lolita island during a scientific gathering there in 2007.