Therefore, it is very easy to go through the features of the e835 and explain how they work. All you need to know about wireless microphones. The metal handle is also where Sennheirser’s logo and the name of the microphone is written in humble white adding to the overall plain design to the microphone. This mic has a very attractive price tag and pretty decent performance for the money. As such, it offers minimum proximity effect and it’s quite forgiving if the talent goes a bit off axis. Now, let me tell you more about the e835. Sennheiser e835 is excellent at handling speech, and it has a pretty damn balanced low end. It’s considered a step up from the e835 because it gives an extra presence boost and has a very clear sound, even in the low ranges. })(); Sign up for our newsletter and stay in touch with the latest audio gear news and tips:  Email address: Best Turntables Under 200 Dollars – The Ultimate Buying Guide, Sensitive and clear sounding, especially in the higher frequencies, A cardioid microphone with a minimal proximity effect, An all-metal body and a built-in shock mount for mechanical noise reduction, Doesn’t have switches to turn it on or off. So far, it is entirely like the Shure SM58. If you’ve read this review, you will probably acknowledge that there is a nice balance between the price and the quality of the microphone. As we conclude the Sennheiser e835 review portion of this article and introduce the comparison section, we want to clarify the prices for the products to come. Strong presence. Sennheiser e835 is a budget mic of above average quality that has a very distinct wide cardioid pattern. It is also all made of metal to ensure the durability and performance of the Sennheiser e835. listeners: [], This also implies the possibility to mic two talents simultaneously. It is easier to handle than mics with tighter pickup. One of the features that Sennheiser e835 has to offer is a frequency response ratio from 40Hz to 160kHz. The e835 gives a presence boost around 5kHz and has clear mid tones. Has a quality internal shock-mount and humbucking coil. Easily cuts through the mix. More or less natural sound. The upper midrange is a bit bloated and gets outright harsh if it’s pushed too hard, especially on those soprano harmonics that fall into range. Also, there’s a built-in shock mount to reduce any handling noise the microphone might come in contact with. Furthermore, there’s some nice durability when it comes to the e835. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am! Being a low-cost microphone, Sennheiser e835 does set the standards for a lot of the budget microphones out there. The company clearly knew what they were doing when creating a microphone that offers you a quality sound, durability, and a nice overall performance. Obviously, the company thought out this feature well minding both our speaking range and the microphone’s quality. } Taking brightness into account, it actually performs very well for baritone singers. However, Sennheiser was pretty generous to sell it at a more affordable price and they certainly made it worth the buying. It is easy to run into a budget microphone for sale, but it can be hard picking the right one for you. However, its simplicity persists in the fact that there are no control switches on its body. Performers with lower voices tend to love this mic. They, of course, made sure to use their budget for making the microphone for enhancing what really matters while designing the device in a simple way. This coil reduces the noise from the electromagnetic interference. The Sennheiser E835 is the perfect affordable wireless vocal dynamic microphone, and can be used in a variety of situations. The overall performance of this microphone is nice. You will not do better for the price (although the isK ISDM is arguably its equal IMO and only $60). More features of the Sennheiser 3-Pack of e835 Microphones: 3-Pack e 835 Dynamic cardioid microphone that projects well and cuts through high volumes on stage. In terms of gain before feedback, it works great at moderate levels even without restricting your freedom of movement. You can comfortably experiment with the lower frequencies of the microphone as well as with the higher ones. Produces intelligible words, no boominess. 30.07.2020. More or less it sounds natural. Furthermore, the polar pickup pattern that is Sennheiser e835 one and only best friend is the cardioid one. When accompanied with its SPL of 150dB, you can certainly give your performance some good volume. No matter where you’re using your Sennheiser e835, you will have a detailed and dynamic sound with its richness on a great level. While prices are always shifting, you can typically find this microphone for around $100. callback: cb Sennheiser e935 has a well-crafted frequency pattern with a reasonable presence boost and decent bass roll off, at the same time there is no sudden bumps – the gentle transition makes it sound very natural. Being a low-cost microphone, Sennheiser e835 does set the standards for a lot of the budget microphones out there. It still outperforms the SM58 but the transient response isn’t that much better.