Do you wish it offered some extra functionality? Endeavor to keep your sentences short and simple – you’re trying to communicate a clear message in the most concise way possible, not write War and Peace – and make your subject lines brief and to the point. I would like to request that we schedule a formal meeting at your earliest availability to further discuss and explore ideas that are of interest for both of us. I’ve got some free time next week to talk this through. Will you be changing it after reading these ideas? Your mission is reflected in the subject line of your email, but it is important to elaborate more at this point and include the topic of the meeting. Do you have five minutes this week to talk? We do [company specialism] for clients like [client names]. How to write a professional email to schedule a meeting. Use our step by step instructions and scheduling a meeting email sample to write your perfect message. It’d be great to find out more about your business and see if we’d be a good fit. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Subject: Scheduling a progress meetingDear Mr. This is critical in keeping boundaries well respected. Wouldn’t you love if it could [list benefits of your product]? Our company, [Name], would like to request a meeting with you to discuss the services that we can offer you. In this article, we explain how to schedule a meeting via email, with templates and samples to help you create your own. It would help you to [benefits of fixing problem]. We move fast – and if we don’t think we’re right for you, we’ll tell you upfront. Please let me know if this is a convenient time for you. Image source. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. There are many various ways you can write a professional email requesting fo a meeting with either your seniors, juniors or colleagues. I’m emailing you because my company, [company name], has helped lots of companies in similar positions by: We’ve worked with [client names] in the past, and would love to do the same for you. You don’t know me, but I found you on LinkedIn and I know that people like you often have to deal with [pain points]. Are you free for a chat at [time options] to talk through how we could help you with [prospect pain points]? And what if you could try it for free? Please do let me know of your availability. What are the key elements of a business meeting request email? My name is [_____] from [your company]. More than 280 billion emails were sent and received every single day in 2018. Regards. For example - I would like to schedule a meeting this week to discuss our participation in the upcoming Expo. Sound like something you’d like to try? The different is. Unlike [other companies in your niche], we take a different approach to growing companies. Would you be available tomorrow at 11 am for a meeting? Never fear. Meeting Invitation Email Templates EXAMPLE. Gmail is a registered trademark of Google. Hi everyone, Due to unavoidable circumstances, the finance department meeting date has changed from 21st September 2018 at 11:00 PM in Room 12 to 26th September 2018 at 9:30 AM in the same venue. It can be seen as an invitation letter to a meeting. You guys are doing some pretty great things in the [client’s industry] space. As seen from the example, we can see that an email for scheduling a meeting should always have: A relevant subject line (introducing the topic) Intro: A polite opening: e. Dear (name) Body 1: Short paragraph explaining the reason for the meeting or appointment; Body 2: One or two sentences to propose a time and date. Whatever the case, you can modify the sample meeting request email below to suit your particular need. Sincerely, [Name] – [Email] [Give brief details]. I look forward to your quick response. I’d love to show you how we can do the same for [client’s company name]. If not, just tell me you’re not interested – I don’t offend easily. Paragraph 1 Always start by clearly explaining the whole purpose of your email. Sample emails to reschedule business meetings Sample 1. So you’ve read my advice. For that, you can use an internal email tracking tool. I’m [your name], and I work in [your position] at [your company]. Closing: A polite closing: i.e. So it’s hardly surprising that a lot of emails get ignored – in fact, it’s a wonder we ever get around to responding to any of them. iam acting as PA (I'm not a PA) my Chairman want to meet another company's chairman for a Lunch date, not a meeting. Keep your invitation short. Remember to allow room for flexibility due to their availability. This template is written under the assumption that you’ve contacted this person previously and you’d like to try and set-up a meeting with them. 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