I have never heard of this and it doesn’t make much sense. As a result, the refrigerator will not cool. If the start capacitor isn’t working, the compressor may not start. The compressor of a fridge utilizes a gaseous refrigerant that is in a low-pressure state. It’s a side by side GE profile that’s 5-7 years old. Since the compressor is a very important part in the refrigeration system, it needs to have a working refrigerator start relay in order to work. Sometimes During the day the freezer goes up to (16F) and at the same time the fridge gets to (44F). I checked the compressor and the compressor was room temperature and I realized the compressor was not working. Instead, we focus on diagnosis and repair procedures for the most common symptoms, such as not cooling, ice or water buildup, compressor not working, noisy operation, electrical troubles, etc. When your refrigerator suddenly stops cooling, that is a main cause for alarm. If the start capacitor is defective, replace it. My freezer is getting too cold (-10F) but the fridge is (50F). I observed that both evaporator and condensor fans were operating normally. Refrigerator is not cooling at all,freezer is at correct temperature. Not only do you stand a chance to lose a lot of frozen and refrigerator food that you have been storing, but you also are quite possibly looking at either a big repair bill or having to purchase a brand new refrigerator. Recently I struggled with a ge profile fridge side by side and the complaint was both freezer and fresh food sections are warm. The start capacitor provides a boost of power to the compressor during start-up. If the refrigerator start relay is burned out, then the compressor may not work and the interior will not freeze. Compressor is working & fan cooling it was not but running now.It is a Samsung side by side. Or if your fridge or freezer is not cooling enough, you may need more clearance space and to leave the doors shut. A refrigerator start relay is a device that jump-starts the compressor inside the refrigerator. Shake n’ Tell for a Bad Compressor. If you’re up for doing a little bit of sleuthing on your own before you make a service call for a broken compressor, try this simple test to tell if your compressor is bad or not: Grab a flathead screwdriver, pull your fridge away from the wall, and unplug it. If your Samsung refrigerator is not cooling, either in the french door fridge or bottom freezer, it may be in demo mode and need a reset. I already had the Electronic board and all the sensors changed out. To determine if the start capacitor is defective, test it with a multimeter. Our Samsung refrigerator repair manual cuts out all the unnecessary theory and sealed system repairs that the novice will never perform. When the fridge thermostat requests more cold air, the compressor kicks on and the refrigerant becomes high-pressure, moving through the cooling coils while fans push the cool air into the fridge and freezer compartments.