Top bottom half of roll with beets, apple slices, micro greens, and sliced red onion, and then top with remaining half … The sandwich spread “is really designed so that it complements a sandwich,” said Tulin Tuzel, Sabra’s chief technology officer and research leader. Breakfast Spread Sandwich Ingredients. These spreads are a simple and fun way to take a regular gluten-free sandwich and kick it up a notch – spread style. Slice rolls in half and spread garlic tarragon spread on the inside of each roll. "Sandwiches … Sabra Spreads are the brand new product from Sabra hummus. Sabra Dipping Company launched Sabra Spreads, a line of fresh, wholesome, refrigerated sandwich spreads. Build your sandwich… 2 tablespoon Sabra Spreads (Garlic Herb or Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper flavors), divided; 2 teaspoons water; 2 eggs; 2 slices bread, toasted; ½ Persian … Instead of using just mayo, make a unique sandwich … The condiment comes in a squeezable bottle and is hitting the market with three flavors: Garlic Herb, Honey Mustard and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper. Vegetarian Sandwich With New Sabra Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Spread Ingredients for 1 sandwich 2 wholewheat slices of bread, toasted 1-2 tablespoons Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Sabra Spread 1/2 roasted pepper, sliced 1 layer pickled fennel 1 layer pickled red onion 2 slices Muenster cheese 2 slices lettuce Directions 1.