Desserts in jars with intense nostalgic root beer float flavor! La différence entre le Root Beer Float et l’Ice Cream Float est assez simple. Don’t miss out! SERVES: 1. Use chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla! ounces diet root beer. I think it’s prefect for summer and would make a great treat for Father’s Day! Low Carb, yuuuummy! INGREDIENTS Nutrition. Brown cow: Chocolate lovers will dig this twist. This cake does the same for me and its easy to make. But if your root beer float turns out like more of a shake than a drink, it’s perfectly acceptable to eat it with a spoon. DIRECTIONS. I got this recipe from a newspaper several years ago. 1 ⁄ 4. cup heavy cream. H-E-B Root Beer Float Ice Cream Cake. Assez rare en France, c’est une boisson gazeuse aux épices et aux plantes (et non alcoolique contrairement à ce que laisse penser son nom)? Root Beer Floats are my favorite ice cream treat. These root beer cakes are superb on their own, yet add the ice cream and extra root beer to ooze down and saturate the cake and you have something utterly irresistible. Each cake is even filled with some luscious vanilla ice cream ganache to make it more like a root beer float. I always love watching the ice cream hit the root beer then seeing all the foam rise up and over the sides of the mug. Low Carb Root Beer Float. Aug 5, 2016 - Just like a cold and frosty mug of root beer and ice cream, only in cake form - Root Beer Float Ice Cream Cake.… It’s made by layering root beer flavored chocolate cake, vanilla bean ice cream and homemade whipped cream. I’m sharing this extra special root beer float ice cream cake. Dans le premier, la glace est mélangée avec de la Root Beer. Roll over image to zoom in Item is no longer available. It actually is a good substitute! This cake is a perfect take on a classic ice cream novelty! Our Creamy Creations Vanilla Ice Cream puck is sandwich between a Root Beer flavored cake layer then iced in Root beer flavored elite icing and topped with elite icing. Root Beer Float Variations. ice (optional) Advertisement. UNITS: US. Product description. 12 . Just in time for Summer! Note this is also called a farmer's soda. Root beer floats are actually quite drinkable with or without a straw once the ice cream and root beer melt together. There is something about the combination of root beer and vanilla ice cream that is almost magical. Add the ice to this if desired then blend it or don't depending on how you want it. Top it off with a few cherries and enjoy with a frosty mug of root beer! Recipe by MFlahertyRuhl.