The Civil Society, particularly the Bar Association of Pakistan, played a key role in 2008 to compel General Parvez Musharraf to accept the demand for holding democratic and free elections for constituting a democratic government capable of developing Pakistan as a democratic state and society. In Pakistan elites are playing very negative role and dominated the whole society. Civil Society And Social Change In Pakistan Ayesha Khan and Rabia Khan Executive Summary Introduction: Civil society is an emerging arena for social and political change in Pakistan. Assessing the role of political institutions in economic performance is not an easy task. importance of political parties in Pakistan as there had been dominance of the state institutions over representative institutions in Pakistan due to which political development has always been affected. It includes a vast array of organizations and associations that represent the interests of the country’s population of 145 million to various degrees. Within them, the army is the largest unit and the most powerful institution in the country. The country’s government, functioning under a modified 1935 … Table 3 The State Institutions are Stronger than Political Institutions . The Economic Role of Political Institutions: Market-Preserving Federalism and Economic Development Barry R. Weingast Stanford University Thrving markets require not only an appropriately designed economic system, but a secure political foundation that limits the ability of the state to confiscate wealth. Responses Respondents Percentage Agree 73 70.2 THE POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC ROLE OF THE PAKISTANI MILITARY Elisa Ada Giunchi Pakistan’s armed forces are among the most modern, largest and well funded in the world. Pakistan - Pakistan - Government and society: In 1947 the newly independent Pakistan consisted of two distinct parts: the smaller but more densely populated East Pakistan, centred on the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta region, and the much larger West Pakistan, occupying the northwestern portion of the Indian subcontinent.