Here's the pros vs. cons. I don't regret selling it at all. I am considering investing in the additional "omni" pattern capsules that Rhode sells. Granted, I have a rad DigiMax Pre-Amp, but I think these mics give me great sounds. When I put my headphones on to listen to what these recorded through my Zoom H6 (96khz/24bit) I looked around confused a couple times because I didn't expect a certain sound around me. They definitely have capture the full range on things like acoustic guitar. Thank you for your request. I love the fact that they aren't made in China. There are often times when we record local bands and there's no feed from the mixing board, or there are orchestra (big band to quartet and the like) instruments that aren't mic'ed. If, however, you're looking for a darker sound, but still want to retain your clarity I'd go with a pair of mk-012's or something similar. I've been looking for more than a year seriously and these totally fir the bill. The extremely flat frequency response has just a little dip in the low frequencies with small bumps in the presence range, making them great all-around mics for anything from acoustic guitars to violin. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. I mean details like crazy. I bought these mics for choral recording as well as instrument recording and I'm very glad I did. I know ya do) Try for yourself. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! Simply put,they sound incredible. I even use them in a handheld ORTF rig into a Zoom H4N to collect background sound for short films and sound libraries. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Nice presence. You can't beat the price/quality ratio of these. I also own the K2, an original NT-1, and a NT-2A. Had to remove the ring while recording...unbelievable!!! I use these for live stereo field-recording and in the studio to mic my Martin D-28. These are excellent microphones. Don't think I don't have anything else to compare these mics to. However, I wasn't pleased with the results on the guitar or vocals. Wonderful overall mic. With a good Pre-Amp, these mics sound awesome. I had an nt5, and was not happy with it. The Rode NT5 is their premier small diaphragm condenser “pencil mic”. Another option is the Beyer M930, roughly the same price as the Josephson and Rode. This is definitely a handy and not too expensive pair of mics with good quality sound. I've always had kind of a boomy, boxy sound when recording finger style on my acoustic. RODE NT5 … I purchased this mic on recommendation from my sweetwater rep - Matt because the mic I wanted (Studio Projects) was not available. I've traveled with them, pushed them in extreme climates from the desert to the Malaysian monsoon season, and recorded very high SPL's. (love my english syntac.. I tried them on piano as well, but wasn't as impressed. These mics pick up very well in front of them and don't pick up noise behind them. So far I've recorded only acoustic guitar in an XY pattern in a small project studio. I love them! So I used a pair of NT5s, bought specifically for this purpose, mounted about 5 inches apart at the tail of the piano, pointing to the front. Best Bag for your buck on Small Condenser(s). I use them all over the place, from drum overheads, strings, acoustic guitars, room mics, auxiliary percussion and grand pianos. We host a choir competition every year for 30+ Choirs, ranging from jazz to acapella to show choirs, with a whole day devoted to show choirs. The NT5 is RØDE's premier small-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone, sometimes referred to as a 'pencil mic'. I was really pleased to find that although I had inadvertenly routed the overhead signal to the drum monitor speaker, I had no hint of feedback. Otherwise no complaints. I also have two Neumann KM184's and I feel that the Rode NT5's are just about as nice for ALOT less money! In reality, the NT5s are the best sounding (to my ears) of the bunch. I own 4 now. I run the sound system for our High School Choir. These are a great value! The HiHat shimmers and the snare punches. When I need a bright and detailed signal, these mics perform exceptionally well. Very detailed and smooth sounding, and IMO better than anyone else's comparibly priced 1/2" condensers. I bought them to do field recordings of ambiance and various sounds for effects. This mic is overly bright and 'clinical' sounding...maybe to the point of some harshness. Get Directions | And for the price, you can't beat them. from St. Paul's Catholic Church, Jacksonville Beach, FL. I don't like the Rode mics myself, I don't think they sound particularly "natural" for acoustic instruments, but it all depends on what sound yer going for. Very quiet, the polar pattern is good and tight, and the sound is round and transparent. I was very impressed with these low-cost microphones. Overall, I'd say these mics are by far the most full sounding of the bunch. OK so now all I have to say is that these mics are way more awesome than the studio projects. Like The SM81, it’s an excellent choice for recording acoustic instruments, especially acoustic guitar… I wish it came with 3/8 to 5/8 mic adapter but no big deal. They sound awesome for the price range, and are arguably some of the most robust small diaphragm condensers around too. Great for rooms. The only thing I wish was different is how they tend to exaggerate high frequencies a bit. These microphones take my acoustic guitar recording to a new level. Rode is a manufacturer of high-end microphones that have been studio staples for many years. Wonderful in front of an acoustic guitar, under a snare drum, or over a drum set. Learn More. I’m sure that you will be every bit as pleased with the results. Only had a few days but these are fantastic for classical guitar recording. Thanks for the great recommendation! Compared to the MXL 603, the NT5 have a much more detailed bottom, and a much richer sound from about 900-3k (the MXL seems scooped in comp). The Rode NT5 is a small diaphragm condenser mic. As predicted, both the NT4 and the NT5 sound subjectively identical when a pair of NT5s are used coincidently, and the overall impression is of effortless neutrality. Love them!!! A rolloff and pad would be handy, But otherwise I have no real complaints. To be honest I was very suprised you could get sound like this out of mics for this price. I am trying to mater the 3 mic drum technique and these make it easy.