Sometimes ingredients like raisins, sultanas or vanilla are added too and it’s often made with different types of milk or cream. Plain rice pudding with extra goodies from the oven. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars, Christmas Tree Delivery Is a Thing and We’re So on Board, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Top with the knob of butter and sprinkle with nutmeg to taste. Rice pudding is a nostalgic recipe for me as my mum used to make it regularly. I halved the sugar and added vanilla and cinnamon along with the nutmeg...turned out awesome. Along with easy comforting desserts like this Warm Apple Crostata with Quick Caramel Sauce and Apple Plum Cobbler, this baked dessert is a winner. I'm a self-taught home baker and cook passionate about making delicious food from scratch to share with family and friends. A bit disappointed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Check it out. Your email address will not be published. Pour the milk and rice mixture into the ovenproof dish. Just 5 ingredients and you can be settling back with a hot, cosy bowl of rice pudding tonight. Learn how your comment data is processed. I use fresh milk in mine, but choose whichever you prefer. The rice will continue to absorb any liquid in the dish so if it isn’t there, you’ll end up with stodgy dry rice pudding. Transfer to a greased 1-1/2-qt. Today, my husband likes to top his with a scoop of ice cream. – Self Saucing Lemon Pudding. When you reheat it, make sure it is steaming hot before eating it. – Apple Plum Cobbler Pour in the milk and carefully stir it to combine. The skin will form in the final 45 minutes of cooking. To reheat rice pudding, spoon it into a serving bowl and add a tablespoon or two of milk per portion. Stir in rice and sugar. Want super creamy rice pudding? I’ve added the recipe and video link to my Tangi recipe below. baking dish. While still hot, transfer any leftover rice pudding to an airtight container and place it straight in the fridge. To avoid scrambling your eggs, remove a small amount of the hot mixture and whisk it into the yolk, then add all of it back into the dish. So quick and easy! When you first pull it out of the oven, there will still be a lot of liquid in the bottom but don’t worry, mix it all through (after peeling away the skin if you want it) and then drizzle some of it over as you serve. Hint-hint, TOH staff--would be really helpful to all of us long-term subscribers if you'd tell us in which issue of TOH or QC recipes first appeared! Heat on high in the microwave for 2 minutes. Bake in the Make it vegan by swapping the milk for almond or coconut milk and swapping the butter for vegan spread. My husband loved this Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding because it was very soft. Bake for 1 1/2 hours, or until lightly browned and set. Rice Pudding by Gaetan Gentil. It's how my great-grandmother and her mother's before her made it! Pour the mixture into a casserole dish that is oven safe and cook it in a water bath. Required fields are marked *. I personally don’t like the texture of the skin but I love the way it looks –  the golden colour gives me cosy nostalgic vibes, so I leave it on mine. Thank you for bringing back a lot of good memories. Do you like your rice pudding thick or swimming in sauce? – Warm Apple Crostata with Quick Caramel Sauce Your email address will not be published. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. But for a richer version, Gentil suggests preparing a salted butter caramel next to it, or cooking the rice with condensed milk, for example. Bake it for around 1 hour and 10 minutes until it’s golden on top and the rice is cooked through. Thank you for this recipe my rice pudding came out perfect ?? Your recipe was easy to make and clean up quick. As a girl, I always waited eagerly for the first heavenly bite. The rice pudding forms a skin on top, which you can either mix in as it cooks or leave the skin to form and eat that too. Bake, covered, 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Serve immediately, spooning any excess liquid over the top. Stir in raisins and vanilla; bake, covered, until rice is tender, about 15 minutes. Place first four ingredients in a large saucepan; bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. I did have to bake it longer then called for . This is legit old-fashioned rice pudding. Or make a bunch to store in the pantry so you can have a cosy, comforting dessert in the oven at a moments notice. A short or medium grain works well – short being the best. While some contain eggs, this rice pudding has no egg making it even easier. It’s a truly versatile and comforting dessert and all of this results in tender rice, wrapped in a silky, creamy sweet sauce that is totally irresistible. Can’t wait to be tucking into this soon , Hi, I used Basmati Rice and after 1 and 1/2 hrs, the rice is not cooked! Make sure a thermometer inserted in the pudding reads 160 degrees; that means the yolk has cooked long enough to be safely eaten. It is easy to make and has a creamy taste. Sign up for my newsletter and get new recipes delivered to your inbox, plus freebies including my All About Chocolate ebook! I always would add a dribble of cold milk to my bowl too – for one, to cool it so I could get it in my tummy quicker and two because I liked a little more sauce. – Chocolate Creme Brulee How to make old fashioned rice pudding: Start by beating eggs and sugar together in a bowl. Thank you for supporting Sugar Salt Magic. Remember, it will still look like it has quite a bit of liquid when you dig below the surface but it should no longer be swishing around when you move the dish. I want to give home cooks the confidence to get in the kitchen and create delicious recipes. Combine cinnamon and nutmeg; sift over top of pudding. By about 15 minutes. You can turn this gorgeous and simple baked rice pudding into an EVEN EASIER mason jar gift. A simple process of mixing together ingredients in a pie or casserole dish and then throwing it in the oven makes Baked Rice Pudding incredibly easy to make. This one is a perfect balance of creamy rice with a sauce, the continues to soak up as it sits out of the oven. It may be warming up here but it’s getting cooler on the other side of the world and I can tuck away a bowl of this deliciousness almost any time of year. I used whole milk and doubled the vanilla. This recipe has been a family favorite since it first appeared in TOH! Add the rice, sugar and cinnamon and stir to combine everything. Creamy and tasty . Place baking dish in a large pan; pour water into the pan to a depth of 1-inch. I couldn’t wait for colder weather to post this Easy Baked Rice Pudding recipe. It’s is a long grain rice that keeps it’s firmness and remains separate no matter how it is cooked. Now, it’s right here with all the tips and tricks so you can get it just the way you like it. Ok, so it’s cold and you’re wrapped up on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, wrapped in a blanket and you aren’t moving for love or money but you should move for this. Hi, I’m Marie! With or without the skin? You can stir it in again if you like as it bakes or just leave it. Now you just need to be patient for an hour while it’s doing it’s thing. Make it lighter by swapping up to 1 cup of milk for 1 cup of boiling water. Place the pie dish on a baking tray and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes. This easy Baked Rice Pudding recipe is the perfect creamy, comforting dessert on a cool night and it takes literally minutes to prepare. Preheat oven to 325°. So lovely and comforting – a dish I haven’t had in years! Warm Apple Crostata with Quick Caramel Sauce, Mix melted butter, rice, sugar and cinnamon in a pie dish, then add milk and mix it through. For a decadent treat, substitute dried cherries for the raisins and add a swirl of chocolate syrup. A baked rice pudding will never disappoint!As I currently have a little time, I was surfing on the web the other day. Marie xx. This post may contain affiliate links that earn me a small commission for my referral, at no extra cost to you. The rice IS meant to be uncooked- yes?! To create greatness just build on good foundations! Eat fried rice instead! Test the rice for doneness by tasting a bit, it should be cooked through and tender but not soggy or falling apart. This comforting dessert is a wonderful way to end any meal. You can add 1/2 teaspoon of orange zest, a little nutmeg or vanilla for other flavours. Don’t let it cool at room temperature but instead it should cool, from hot, in the fridge.