Log In. It’s a pandemic and your selfishness and impatience lead the way to more deaths. Find Castle Rock restaurants in the Denver Suburbs area and other cities such as Broomfield, Greenwood Village, Golden, and more. The population of Douglas County is 351,154. Zomato is the best way to discover great places to eat in your city. C&C Breakfast and Korean Kitchen on Trail Boss Drive in Castle Rock opened its doors to patrons to dine inside. It states on its website: All people in Colorado must follow the letter and the spirit of these orders. Under a current safer-at-home order, restaurants can only offer delivery or drive-up service. What a joke. But we figured if we’re going to crash, we’re going to go down and see how many people see stand with us.”. This is a reset for faux money, UBI, vaccine, & further (world-wide) guvmint control. “Live free or die:” Patrick Henry moments before the Brits killed hime. Ask yourself this: Based on your own personal observations and experiences, do politicians deserve your trust? She said there was a two hour wait at the restaurant as they served hundreds of customers. Subway. Open now. Manna Restaurant is a restaurant located in Castle Rock, Colorado at 2350 Meadows Boulevard. As of Sunday night, 28 people have died in Douglas County since the COVID-19 pandemic began, ranking seventh in the state for deaths. Well, if it is just these fvking cult followers that were going to gather in a hole and crawl back to their holes and, if it is not a hoax , they are going to be fine. Talk about stolen valor. You stay home Mike, the grown ups are going back to work. They are open every day of the week. As the entity charged with enforcing the governor’s statewide safer-at-home public health order, we will follow up with this restaurant to ensure that they, like other restaurants in the county, take appropriate steps to protect the public health, by limiting service to curbside and take-out service. “And we may still crash, we don’t know. RIGHT. Even in New York City at the height of the alleged pandemic, undercover reporters released videos showing New York City ERs virtually empty. No lines, nothing. (credit: Patrick Neville). Make restaurant reservations and read reviews. a lady to the lt side of the door has a mask on. Get a big boy job. Fauci made the virus in US, then scientists said no way, so they outsourced it and hired China with our taxes to weaponize this bat virus, which was never a problem until they went to weaponize it. In reality, the government and the corporate media lie about everything — especially about the big things. “So if we’re going to crash and burn, we’re going to make our stand. I’m a firm believer in the rule of law. (credit: Nick Puckett/Colorado Community Media). You are such a typical leftist. ... Open now Find restaurants that are open now. One of the benefits of living in a free country. No. And if it turns out that they are wrong, these broke a$$ dumbsh1ts cannot be sued for damages. Just stay safe in your mommy’s closet sucking on your government issued pacifier until it is safe to come out and suck the sour milk excreted from the governments sagging teats. It’s your right. How about funeral expenses? I don’t, so don’t fvking get near me at the grocery store to shove your beliefs on me. It’s simple…Don’t Go. “You can stand up and risk everything, we’re risking everything anyways as a small business,” Jesse said. Thank you to the many customers who came out to support us.”, Note the wording chosen by the bureaucrats: “Do not try to bend the rules or find loopholes…”. Best pubs & bars in Castle Rock. Problem is, these trash will now go out in the open and, if it is not a hoax, potentially infect others and bog down the hospitals. Look. Raul–You’re the one who is wrong. HANG TOUGH! The Tri-County Health Department oversees Douglas County. I have a family too like many, many others. Menus, Photos, Ratings and Reviews for Restaurants in Castle Rock Open now. Exercise your freedom and stay home then. Some of us believe that this is not a hoax. Open at... Open on Saturday at 23:00 and 1+ hour. “We might be fined, maybe even jail, but we’re willing to make a statement if this is going to help wake up some of the congressmen and the governor.”. The grown ups haven’t stopped working. Now, the other dvmbsh1ts who have crowded this place, if they go out and infect other people, then it is no longer going to be only “their rights”. “We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts – not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”- U.S. President Abraham Lincoln The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance it is the illusion of knowledge.–Daniel J. Boorstin Video of the packed dining area with no social distancing from Nick Puckett of Colorado Community Media almost instantly drew national attention. See how easy that is. The data does not support this lockdown. Don’t go? “I do worry about the invitation to the general public that we’re open for business and we’re not caring about social distancing guidelines and restrictions,” Fieselier said. Opening hours for Restaurants in Castle Rock, CO 52 results . “I completely get what they are doing and trying to save themselves financially, I don’t agree with them on the health aspect.”, State Rep. Patrick Neville was among hundreds inside the restaurant on Sunday morning and posted a photo with April on Facebook. The ONLY, repeat, ONLY reason to close, shut-down the entire nation is to make the 2020 election easier for ANYONE but Trump. Your state legislature passed a law confining people and forcing only certain businesses to close during a health event? DAMNED FOOL. Reviews on Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving in Castle Rock, CO - Manna Restaurant, Danielle's Scratch Kitchen, Rockyard Brewing Company, Gabriel's, Crave Real Burgers - Castle Rock, West Main Taproom + Grill, Black-eyed Pea, Kneaders Bakery & Cafe, Dickey's Barbecue Pit, Cafe Rio Mexican Grill We wanted to see how many stupid people live in Douglas County. 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