Use these 8 effective templates to write the perfect email. But, a formal letter has the benefit of expressing a sense of significance as well as establishing a platform for justifying the reasons behind requesting an appointment. Email Template for Scheduling or Rescheduling a Meeting With a Client . Just use one of these Meeting Request email templates to schedule a time with them! Meeting request email templates for new clients 01Dear […] There is nothing you can’t accomplish with a professional meeting request email. Subject line (scheduling) — Request to schedule [meeting name] to [date and time] Subject line (rescheduling) — Request to reschedule [meeting name] to [new date and time] “Dear [client name] Request Letter Templates; Sample Official Appointment Letters; There are a lot of reasons why people request for appointments with utmost respect as reflected in our Appointment Letter Templates.Meet-ups and appointments could be one way things are discussed well. Whether it is directed to a new client, a subordinate or to your boss, a meeting request email is mandatory for further communication. Purpose — asking to reschedule a client meeting. Let's say you need to schedule a meeting or call with someone. If the appointment is with individuals within your own office, you might be tempted to simply send a text message or email in order to request the appointment. They are geared towards getting meetings with potential clients. You may need to send a meeting email request for a variety of reasons, such as setting up an interview, following up on a business lead or exploring a project with a potential client. Just use one of these Meeting Request email templates to schedule a time with them! Sending an email to set up a meeting is a common business communication.