Baja Pork Tacos This delicious pork tacos recipe is my copycat version of the most excellent Mexican food we ever had, when we were visiting Flagstaff, Arizona. The meat is slow-cooked until tender and shredded. Pro-Tip: Barbacoa is not just used for tacos! Carnitas is strictly pork. After smoking the pork shoulder for 3 hours, turn the temperature up to 250℉ and roast for an additional 5 hours, or until an instant-read meat thermometer inserted in the … Try these Crockpot Carnitas or Instant Pot Carnitas if you’re looking for something different!. Cilantro and onion: Cilantro and finely diced onion add the perfect boost of flavor to these tacos. While it also gets slow-cooked, at the end of the cooking, large chunks of it get browned in a skillet to give it that crispy texture. These barbacoa pork tacos are the perfect thing to serve to a large group of friends. Barbacoa is beef, goat, or lamb. —Ariella Winn, Mesquite, Texas. It’s made with cut up chuck roast, so it comes out incredibly tender and rich. Tortillas: Use your favorite taco-size flour or corn tortillas. Most of the work is done in the morning, then you throw everything … Barbacoa: This barbacoa recipe can be made on the stovetop or in the slow cooker (there are instructions for both in the recipe card below). Ingredients. The original recipe used beef instead of pork, but this comes mighty close to the same taste.