But, the water is in the pool, waiting for them, and the birds lining up on the back fence. It also smells and tastes bad. http://www.soapmakingforum.com/showthread.php?t=6272&page=3. I got to thinking about alternate uses for rancid cooking oils. We filled the can every night because we couldn’t get two nights out of five gallons of kerosene and we most definitely didn’t want to have the stove go out overnight. I don’t know how it renders out as I have never tried to render possum fat. We use vegetable oil for bar oil in the chainsaw. Her Mother refused her any love or encouragmet. Widowed and remarried. Fortunately, by the mid 80s most colleges had dropped that silly requirement. Its a really strange year. I wanted to be a civil engineer and build bridges. It needs well drained soil and prefers full sun. These are the alternate uses for rancid cooking oil that I came up with after a few minutes of thought. That gets planted in late winter and had an oily seed in it. You describe a worse case scenario using high-tech, not things available on the farm. God’s peace to her. We used a somewhat similar device to heat water in galvanized garbage cans to wash our mess gear when we were out in the field and on Okinawa when the electricity was out due to a typhoon. the librarian at school told me, she got a donation for this, so the school couldn’t confiscate it. I’m not saying not to, just be advised, especially if you have an open tool or wood shed. Rancid oils can be used to make lye soaps. Tomorrow the mint pot moves in. Have you actually done this? Now, I won’t say that I am cheap, but I never like to see waste. I’m using old rickety trailer steps and that needs to change. those are nice.” And the brother-in-law of a friend who wants to cut down an apple tree because the fruit is so messy. they give insights to what life was like then. Prairie mousers are short tempered but the most aggressive by far that we see are Mojave mixed with praire. This book is a classic for basic soapmaking information and instructions. If all you want to do is quiet down a squeaky gate hinge then a few drops of rancid canola will do just fine. I know I could probably find the information if I spent hours on end on line, but a simple synopsis from someone knowledgeable would save all of us from trying to re-invent the round wheel. I’ve seen it work. The seeds should not be eaten raw, but are tasty and edible when cooked. You can also use it on leather to help restore suppleness, and protect the leather. BTW, dioxin when used to bleach paper causes it to deteriorate. Then comes the fun part. They are. Furniture Conditioner and Polishing Agent. niio, © 2014-2020 Copyright Askaprepper. LCC …. Well, I answered my own question. Peace to you both. It was around $25 but its recharged a lot of regular batteries. I’m starting to see more bats in town, as well. Is there a specific issue you have or did you just come here to demonstrate your own ignorance? So… boiling the oil is not the way to go unless you are constantly stirring while heating.”. Used for fiber. Next time you use it the oil will all end up in the ground and you’ll have to use more once you’ve cleaned it. I have had possum and it’s good, but not something I would want. Same thing happened to me. Penna doesn’t encourage free-will. Apples and ‘kraut are a natural. No fruit, not in this heat, but it’ll happen. More than one had to be unglazed from oil poured on it ’cause the user didn’t know they’re water stones. They were round black metal bottles with a large wick and they were lit at night to mark areas where road work was in process. Beef tallow is most stable, followed by lard. I would worry about the water repulsion issue in the soil. I like boiled linseed oil on garden tool wood handles and for my oil painting. My parents heated a rural home with oil. Thanks for the timely article. Maybe someday my story will partially be told. The flash point of vegetable oil is 600 degrees. Did you continue heating past 212 °F to the boiling temperature of the oil? I was about to step right behind that head. niio. https://www.facebook.com/IAmCountryside/ Online subscriptions are free. I recently read that wood that had been sprayed with salt water over the course of years became as hard as a rock with the impregnated salt. I have trees to plant and a flat tire from the truck to drop off at a neighborhood garage. It makes a great polish and conditioner; rub it in and buff it up, and you can restore old, scuffed wood to an amazingly good appearance. I’m finally going to plant the garden nearly 8 weeks later than normal. Biodiesel is washed using a pump and an old water heater, and about 1/3 water, not cooked out. It blooms sky blue with 5 petals from April – September. Mix equal quantities of vinegar and rancid oil, and rub it into wood. What about rendering animal fats? Best tree to get oil from is the olive, but even that takes a lot more work than just drying worn animal fats. I would like to see some articles on how to extract oils from a variety of foodstuffs: sunflower seeds, olives (ripe or green?) Don’t pour away the old oil; it’s still fine for fuel, rust-proofing or lubricant. All of those devices are now anathema here in the PDRK with voluminous air quality regulations. Actually today, the old acid treated paper has gone the way of buggy whips and carbon paper. I actually don’t know. I don’t know. It made printing a PhD thesis quite expensive. NOT GOOD. If you have a diesel engine of any sort, it will happily burn as much rancid oil as you can get your hands on. Sometimes free and sometimes cheaper. They are high in Omega 6 which is not good. I didn’t even try to restart pumpkins or long term melons. The archival reference describes one of the chemicals used to treat high acid paper to preserve it from deterioration. you can get decent laser printers 50-60 bucks. Then I need to figure out why the tractor won’t start since a neighbor used it…. It will smoke it up. My wild blue flax is in bloom right now. If it can’t, I am sure Claude would welcome an article about how to process rancid vegetable oil into usable diesel fuel and I think the followers of this site would find it useful. They lit the oil in the “tun can” and set the oil on a slow drip. I use that to season cast iron cookware and it polymerizes nicely when heated to the smoke point. niio, Thank you so much for your interest in my work. The one that survived winter was doing well. Fry steaks, which come out nice and tender.When cleaning cooking oil, add water to pot of grease, raise heat on a medium flame, grease melts and does not spatter unless, again, you run out of water. If not, proceed to step three. kerosene dripped out of the hose into the stove and burned all night. when I owned a tree service, I was always getting pine sap on my hands and in my hair. The other main ingredient is lye, and you can make that yourself from wood ash. Wikipedia is saying basically what I tried to say. I’d like to take the roof off the living room and replace it with greenhouse panels.Reflective types aren’t cheap, but worth it. Expose it in your attic for a year. Lubricant and rust preventative. this was on the coast of n. ca. I think it’s a great idea to brainstorm ways to reuse anything we can, so thanks! That will keep rust from attacking them. When we started our printing business in the early 70s, most colleges required doctoral theses to be printed on 24# archival bond which was low acid 100% cotton fiber bond paper. Done roughly once a year … Sometime two years. Donno how many people I hear from who are angry that their state doesn’t even teach cursive or small letters any more. I don’t know what you mean by “treated paper.” If you mean coated stock, that doesn’t necessarily last any longer than uncoated stock. Bears, pigs, and groundhogs have some good fat to use if no more cooking oil. If it accidently gets knocked over the water stops any fire hazard. Before I ditch a battery, I check it to see if it will move the needle. Water and oil are allowed to settle out for several days and the water removed via the lower pipe.