For commercial applications of the VGT platform contact us today: Other motion racing simulators on the market have been designed first as a non-motion product with the motion solution added later. TV/Monitor Stands. With a max payload of 400kg and with support feet, this motion platform is the ultimate solution for any low weight / single-seated simulation with the necessity for easy transportation. The benefit of the SimCraft Motion Technology, its proprietary control software, and unique mechanically isolated actuation, is that the cockpit is positioned in zero gravity, which allows the rotational axes of motion and translational axes of motion to work seamlessly based … N1 D-BOX Motion Simulator (9) RS1 D-BOX Motion Simulator (4) RS Fomula D-BOX Motion Simulator (8) Racing Wheels; Buttkicker; Bundles ; RSeat SimRacing Cockpits Simulator EU Official Store. Motion systems that only move the seat claim “low mass” as an advantage. Alcantara®) from well-known manufacturers across Europe including France, Germany and Italy. D-BOX 500HDi system with 6inch lift. RSEAT RS1 Rally/GT Cockpit From basic up to full motion setup, 7 color options RSEAT N1 Rally/GT Cockpit From basic up to full motion setup, 12 color ... RSEAT N1 M4A 6000 Motion Simulator. GTR racing Simulator takes a little bit of time to set up, but you will soon realise why. The Next Level Racing Motion platform puts you on the racetrack or flight tarmac with incredible precision, realism, and immersion. Additionally, fly legendary airplanes and helicopter games with our flight simulator. N1. The F-GT Lite is a portable full racing cockpit with a cutting-edge patent pending design that lets users switch from Formula to GT positions quickly … It’s quiet during operation. VGT is perfect for training, entertainment, and experiential marketing. “I must say, the quality is far beyond what I expected.”. Do you have questions or want to set up a consultation? While other simulator companies have disappeared, VGT has been continually developing, distributing, and servicing racing simulators across the globe. I couldn't recommend it more highly. 1,149.00€ + Add to compare + Add to wishlist; Add to Cart. Each related material and product passes strict quality control before we deliver the finished product to you. What is high-fidelity simulation? mounted to the motion platform. We have it all from starter kits and do-it-yourself plans to professional level gear and complete motion simulators. RSEAT N1 M4A 6000 Alcantara … N1 Alcantara® Black Frame. Discover the best racing simulator on the market. For all your racing simulator cockpit needs. This solid racing simulator cockpit features a quality, metal construction and offers plenty of … I found the controls to be comparable between the two, but the driving experience was much better in the VGT. Stage 1 Modular Racing Simulator Kit Professional Motion Simulation at a Fraction Of The Cost The Stage 1 offers the same pulse pounding 250 motion updates per second found in our higher end motion systems but in a modular and affordable manner. Vertical motion also enables you to feel the undulations in the track surface and effects of running over the aprons. Our Products. VGT is a masterclass in pushing simulator tech to its limits. I felt much more connected to the track in the VGT rig. The key to a quality racing simulator is absolute rigidity and the ability to adjust it to suit your size, preferred seating position and driving style. Because of its small size (1800mm x 1800mm) it may be delivered assembled and as a plug and play solution where you’d be up and running in no time. Oops! Furthermore, the very concept of two cylinders moving a seat that is supported by a pivot underneath, means this seat cannot move vertically. CXC Simulations specializes in manufacturing the only professional, full-motion racing simulators and flight simulators practical for home use. Established 2009 with Free Shipping Australia Wide on all Racing Simulators and Flight Simulators. Thank you! Contact us.SPECIAL PRICING AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME. RSeat Europe, your Exclusive European Distributor for RSeat products, manufacturer of high quality simracing gaming seats, which can be bought at a reasonable price. Using the best raw materials (i.e. RSeat Europe, cockpits and Simulation racing seats are compatible with the majority of steering wheels, pedals and gear shifters available on the market. Professional grade static or full motion simulators for the ultimate experience in gaming or race driver development. A good alternative to the Playseat Revolution is the GTR Simulator GTA. I was able to really get that elusive seat of the pants feel that I've missed in other motion sims I've driven. The racing simulator cockpit or chassis is the base to which you add all your components, including racing wheel, seat, pedals and shifters. Australia’s #1 Racing Simulator and Flight Cockpits.