Articles; Books; Podcasts; Student Projects; Study Tools; About. In so doing it repeats the name of the LORD eighteen times and uses the phrase “the voice of … His strength brings protection, help, mercy and joy – and the Lord will strengthen the weary and give grace to those who are humble of heart. Psalm 29 ends with a picture of the calm after the storm. About; Contact; A Psalm of David. Pastor Jess walks us through Psalm 29. Book 1 (1-41) Book 2 (42-72) Book 3 (73-89) Book 4 (90-106) Book 5 (107-150) Blog; Resources. Psalm 29 – The Voice of the LORD in the Storm. Devotional: Psalm 29. Walking Through Scripture: Psalm 29 - Carmen @ Life Blessons Christian blog and commentary on We could not worship Him more than He deserves. Psalm 29 is a thorough reminder that God is the master and creator of the universe. The LORD is in control, enthroned as King in heaven blessing the people with shalom (vv. The forests are burned over, recalling television shots of the devastation of forests in Colorado or California. But finally, everything seems to be back in order. The power displayed in the events of nature/creation depicted in this Psalm pail in comparison to the full extent of power God possesses. It should be humbling to those who question God’s ruling. Psalms. I am reminded of God’s response to Job after Job had accused the Lord and spoke openly about his displeasure with God. Helpful thoughts: Glory is due to the Lord. Today’s passage: Psalm 29. He has no rival in the heaven above, in the earth beneath or in the waters below. The Lord is all-powerful, and He is eternally omnipotent. 10-11). "A Song of the King of the Storm" This wonderful song is simply titled A Psalm of David. Study Psalm 29 using Charles H. Spurgeon’s Treasury of David to better understand Scripture with full outline and verse meaning. It is right for us to worship Him. There is nothing that goes unnoticed or that He does not rule over. 1 Ascribe to the LORD, O heavenly beings,[sons of God, or sons of might] ascribe to the LORD glory and strength. In poetic beauty it describes the strength of a storm and understands it as the voice and power God.