Re: PRS SE vs S2 vs CE The late 90s CEs were awesome. Child, please. Which offers a lot of features from the USA guitars at a lower price point. All times are GMT-8. Richard MacLemale was born at a very young age in Rochester, NY. 4. And in this corner, from right here in the U S of A… the PRS S2 Custom 24! And for $399, I don’t know if there’s anything that can touch it, in terms of wanting a dual humbucker solid body with a thin neck. They come with pickups made in Korea, but they are still higher quality pickups than the SE model.) PRS S2 Custom 22 vs PRS SE Custom 22. How much more? But the American version costs twice as much as the Korean version, and it’s better, but not by much. You’re no doubt starting to see a trend in the finishes from Mr. Paul Reed Smith, and who can hate on the flamed tops? So that’d be $950 vs. $1400. before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, (Editor’s note – No, they do NOT come with American pickups. Produkty firmy PRS dostępne są u nas od roku 1994. Their S2 line is perhaps the most noteworthy, and somewhat bridges the gap between Core and SE. I replaced my bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates, which made a definite improvement in the sound. You can find his writing here. RANGE OPTIONS: PRS currently offers four Semi-Hollow models: CE 24 (£2,325), S2 Vela (£1,615, and in Satin finish £1,295), and the SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow (£799) LEFT-HANDERS: No FINISHES: Charcoal Burst (as reviewed) and Tri-Color Sunburst Talk with your fellow tone freaks on the web's liveliest (and friendliest!) Some of the hardware is the same on both guitars, but everything else is better. I bought my PRS SE Custom 24 new for $399, which is close to half price. If this is your first visit, be sure to This page was generated at 10:22 AM. Are they really worth over double the price? OK, let me just skip to the conclusion – In my opinion, the one thing that all PRS guitars have in common, regardless of where they’re made is that they are good guitars. That’s why it costs more money. The American version comes with pickups made by PRS, and to my ears they sounded excellent. Don’t be fooled by the price though, as these are not beginner guitars, but affordable versions of the PRS Core series. I watched some videos the PRS made and all three models use the same bridge unless you go hardtail. Made in their main Maryland factory, PRS’ S2 instruments are more stripped back than the core models. PRS S2 Guitars – Price bracket £1090 - £1689 rrp You can find his music on iTunes. But even used they’ll go for way more than that. Pickups aside, the American version seemed to have a slightly fuller sound and slightly more sustain. The American one. It is what it is. 3 years ago what exactly is the difference between an SE custom 24 and an S2 custom 24 besides the maple vs mahogany neck and a legit maple top vs a maple veneer? He has always loved music. PRS SE + upgrades vs PRS S2 Discussion in 'Sidewinders Bar & Grille' started by apm1991, Mar 4, 2020. All are welcome, from seasoned pros to absolute beginners. Listen on Spotify, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Fender Stratocaster Vintage vs Two Pole Trem. Let the battle BEGIN!!! Does It Matter. The core models are out of the question. The PRS S2 line of guitars is one of the more interesting offerings by Paul Reed Smith. PRS SE 103495 – Amber. I think I am going to go with a lower to mid level prs. Their purpose is really to serve as a middle ground between the PRS Core/ PRS CE guitars and the more affordable PRS SE … But in the nineties, they introduced PRS Korean Guitars commonly called SE. They're great guitars for the money. Because I am The Budget Guitarist, I have to say that I think these guitars would be a great deal at 50% that price. You’d probably be looking at the regular line, which runs around $3,000 and up. I know i probably won't be splurging for the core model for my first upgrade. The American version feels more precise to me – better balance, more precise… by about 10%. At first, PRS crafted electric guitars only at their US factory in Stevensville, Maryland. The old PRS guitars are things of beauty, but the new ones are fancier versions of the SE guitars. Taking the made in the U.S. out of it. ... W naszym asortymencie znajduje się 391 produktów marki Paul Reed Smith - z czego 279 jest dostępnych od ręki, 2 artykułów jest w aktualnej promocji Hot Deals. But … If I saw an S2 for $600, I’d snag it in a heartbeat. The SE Custom 24 brings the original PRS design platform to the high-quality, more affordable SE line up of instruments. Future Macs Won’t Run Windows Native. Which guitar is better? PRS SE Custom 22 Shop now at Amazon. Of course the American version is better. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Business, as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education, and currently works as the District Website Coordinator for Pasco County Schools in Florida. And all 3 have the multi piece neck. Played by internationally touring artists, gigging musicians, and aspiring players, the SE Custom 24 features a maple top, mahogany back, wide thin maple neck, rosewood fretboard with bird inlays, and the PRS patented molded tremolo bridge. PRS, like Gibson and Bose, have a very valuable brand name that allows them to charge a premium price. As of 2015, if you’re not buying either guitar on sale, it’s about $700 for the Korean version and about $1,400 for the American version. PRS S2 Guitars vs PRS SE Guitars. Tech experts from Seymour Duncan are regularly on this forum, and are clearly labeled as employees of Seymour Duncan. link above. And for $399, I don’t know if there’s anything that can touch it, in terms of wanting a dual humbucker solid body with a thin neck. Maybe 10%. If I saw an S2 for $600, I’d snag it in a heartbeat. One could argue that to upgrade the tuners and both pickups on the Korean version you’re around $250 more. Firma PRS była marką tygodnia (24.08.2015) w naszym sklepie. And while this is a teeny minor detail in terms of sound, I did note that the tuners were excellent on the American version, and the tuners on the Korean version were decent, but I replaced them. PRS S2 Standard 24 vs PRS SE Custom 22. I played a Pre-law suit Single Cut and compared it to a 2014 Single Cut and there was no comparison. Which one? They're great guitars for the money. The pickups in the Korean version are… fair. Today, I'd get an SE. Shop all PRS SE guitars HERE. With the 103495 you’re looking at one of the more original SE designs, and as you can see from the solid body and slight cutaway, it’s a shape that has remained popular for good reason. Age: 29 Messages: 2,252. I wouldn’t need to replace them. Actually, they have something else in common – they’re overpriced. Got the PRS bug. Duh. Today, I'd get an SE. Not twice as good, but a little bit. ... PRS Tremolo Bar Chrome SE & S2. In this corner, wearing a maple cap veneer, from Korea… the PRS SE Custom 24! PRS SE Custom 24 VS B-Stock. PRS S2 Standard 24 Shop now at Amazon. PRS S2 Custom 22. The old PRS guitars are things of beauty, but the new ones are fancier versions of the SE guitars. the pickups are the same and they … At the start of this article, we mentioned that PRS has other guitar ranges. Posted by Richard MacLemale | Apr 11, 2015 | Gear | 0 |. Joined: Feb 14, 2017 Location: Arizona. tone forum. I played a Pre-law suit Single Cut and compared it to a 2014 Single Cut and there was no comparison. check out the FAQ by clicking the If money isn’t a problem, of course, then… you probably wouldn’t be looking at the low end American S2’s. PRS is turning into Gibson, sadly. If your budget is tight and you still want a professional level guitar that you can rely on, the PRS SE series is ideal. select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.