Dec 14, 2012 #2 Hey there. Wie schon einleitend erwähnt, ist auch diese PRS SE wirklich schön anzuschauen, wirkt zudem absolut sauber verarbeitet und … As for extras – you get the old-school bird inlays, some exquisite binding on both sides, a sturdy hard case and the choice of two highly desirable finishes. Exposed maple around the edges and f-holes bring an upscale touch to it all. The action was slightly high, though thanks to the adjustable PRS stoptail bridge this was corrected in minutes, with no discernible loss to its volume or low-end. Thank you for signing up to GuitarPlayer. Please refresh the page and try again. Turn the piezo volume down, however, and you’ll have more definition and attack – perfect for faster-paced leads. Though it doesn’t have the piezo system, this mahogany-bodied sibling offers incredible value for money and still looks the part too. 4 hours ago. Finish & Construction 8.5 The Peacock Blue Burst finish was gorgeous, and I was incredibly impressed when I opened the case, not knowing what I was being sent on loan. Lil Wayne facing 10 years in prison theGrio. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Add some gain and you’ll find no shortage of thickness, more suited to melodic leads than anything too ambitious because of the overriding acoustic warmth. The SE Hollowbody II Piezo mixes superb, custom shop feel at a far friendlier price. Exposed maple around the edges and f-holes bring an upscale touch to it all. John Bohlinger. With some grind added from pedals or the amp (a Fender Deluxe Reverb and Champ 12, a Vox AC10C1 and a Mesa/Boogie Mark 5:25 were used for testing), it was a blast to explore all the sounds the Hollowbody II Piezo is capable of - from potent overdriven tones to the pristine acoustic-electric sounds that the L.R. Related Stories. New York, It’s topped with a 10-inch radius ebony fingerboard carrying 22 well-finished frets - nicely beveled and smoothed on the ends, I might add - abalone “old-school” birds inlays and maple binding that extends all the way around the ebony-faced headstock. Then there are the tonal advantages of a semi-acoustic body fitted with the LR Baggs/PRS Piezo system, covering everything from high-gain rock and blues to woollier jazz tones and deceptively convincing acoustic sounds in one tight package. The Hollowbody II is a prestigious guitar that has long been a part of PRS' Core and Private Stock ranges. PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo Review Guitar Player | 6h The SE Hollowbody II Piezo is an exquisite instrument that's all the more exciting for the musical possibilities it opens up, with so much potential for great tone hiding in the unchartered territory between the piezo and PAF-style humbuckers. Get the latest news, reviews and product advice straight to your inbox. With a truly convincing acoustic sound complementing the vintage warmth and growl of the PAF-style 58/15S humbuckers, the PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo is a super versatile, high-performance instrument that's delivers a lot of class for the price. Kudos are due to PRS for making the piezo technology discreet but accessible. Well done all around, it gets an Editors’ Pick Award. There's nothing artificial about those acoustic tones. It’s fun to play around with the pickup and tone control settings, and being able to put a little acoustic-like shimmer on the neck or both positions yields tones that simply aren’t available from a standard dual-humbucker guitar. And that it does, the system designed in partnership with one of the world’s leading acoustic preamp and pickup specialists boasting all the snap and clarity you could hope for. Credit: PRS Guitars . There was a problem. There are differences between the piezo systems too, this one is slightly brighter and less rounded than its US counterpart, though very much still in the same ballpark. These guitars are actually made in China by Cor-Tek, in the same building the SE acoustics are put together – which we think says a lot about what they’re hoping to achieve. The wide/fat mahogany set neck feels excellent in the hand, and I like how the slightly V profile in the lower positions morphs into a rounder shape as you move up the neck. It’s sort of like hearing an amplified acoustic and an electric guitar playing side by side, and the tones have cool textures that are very expressive as you vary the balance toward the electric side when playing solos and heavier grooves, and then blend in more acoustic when backing off the volume for clean rhythm. In the PRS canon, the Hollowbody II has a reputation for one of Paul Reed Smith's classiest designs, with the piezo-equipped models extending the voicings of an instrument that was already suitable for most styles – jazz, blues, rock 'n' roll, hard rock... Well, the SE Hollowbody II Piezo is a chip off the old block, so to speak. Well, as you might have guessed this version isn’t manufactured in their Stevensville, Maryland factory – though neither is it made in Indonesia, where the other SE electrics are produced. In fact, all that outwardly differentiates this model from other SE Hollowbody II guitars is the Piezo inscription on the truss rod cover. The hollow body and chunky neck certainly contribute to the acoustic performance, and the vibrations transmitted throughout make it feel alive and energized when you start playing. Finally there’s the finish, using a flamed maple veneer instead of a more costly carved figured maple top. Thankfully, this is not the case. Silver Supporting Member. Messages 12. Other notable differences include no toggle for switching between the humbuckers, the piezo or a blend of both – meaning you have to dial out what you don’t want when using the mixed output. PRS has definitely nailed the PAF formula, and it’s great that the SE line is taking full advantage of all the R&D that Paul Reed Smith has devoted to it. Routing the piezo signal direct to the console is another option for recording or stage, and an advantage of using the separate outs is the humbuckers are isolated from the battery-powered electronics, which is a good fail-safe in the event of a battery issue. There are, of course, the aesthetic reasons for this – gorgeous f-holes to complement all those other finishing touches that PRS is renowned for, virtually unrivalled in its knack for creating true works of art. The SE line arrived in the early 00s and offered a taste of that high-rolling PRS look and feel at a more accessible price, and over the … View on Baggs/PRS system delivers. • Fender American Acoustasonic Stratocaster It’s a fair concession, to be perfectly honest. It's inspiring. If I want prog time in Nerdville, let’s go!“, Orianthi: “Michael Jackson taught me to do what’s best for the song. Which is a lot of bang for your buck, so to speak. © None, but Wide/Fat neck may be chunky for small hands. PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo Electric Guitar Review. The blend of magnetic and piezo signals is fun to explore. First Look: PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo.