(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); PRS guitars are world-renowned for their build quality and playability. PRS’s Korean-made SE range boasts a substantial number of models, but closer inspection reveals that none sport a maple fingerboard, aside from this eye-catching limited-edition model that’s new for 2019 and available across Europe.. As is the fashion these days, the maple neck has undergone torrefaction, the now-familiar process whereby the neck is ‘roasted’ in a specialised vacuum … Regarding the neck, the PRS SE Custom 24 has a wide-thin shape and is made from maple (the standard model is made from mahogany). The pickups in the PRS SE Custom 24 have a pretty even love/hate split across the review boards. History of Floyd Rose – Inventor of Floyd Rose Guitar Tremolo. With a price difference of about $2500, you may be wondering exactly what the differences are. Other than that, you’re still getting the same 25” scale length, same set-in neck joint, and the same cool bird inlays on a rosewood fretboard. Even so, while the pickups can generally be seen as the weak link in PRS’s guitars, you’ll likely find many more players who prefer not to switch them out then if you were to compare to other companies who insist on providing their own branded pickups. The rolled back tones are on the warmer side and fairly expressive, but there’s a creaminess that doesn’t translate well when the gain goes up. Watching this video, you can see that the stock pickups in the SE series instruments do have a wide range of tones – the breakup is a little soft though, so if you’re looking for something crunchier, you’ll probably want to switch them out. Gibson vs Epiphone Les Paul – What’s The Difference? Nashville’s Must-Stop Music City Guitar Stores! All in all, the PRS SE Custom 24 is an absolute steal at its current list price. Thirdly, the SE Custom 24 comes with PRS designed and wound humbucker pick-ups. The 25” scale plays noticeably easier than the standard Fender 25.5” due to the lightened string tension. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy. How to Tune a 12-string Guitar and what Gauge Strings. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be bad, but it often translates to sterility. PRS SE Custom 24 Hardware. Pickups are a pair of 85/15 “S” humbuckers, with volume and tone … A push-pull tone knob conveniently allows you to dial in both of your pickups individually. For years his sole purpose in life has been to make ridiculously awesome guitars that few of us can afford. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find better build quality at this price. I got my first guitar for x-mas when I was 11 years old. Paul Reed Smith is an evil man. The PRS 35th Anniversary S2 Custom 24 features a figured maple top and mahogany back, mahogany neck with a “pattern regular” profile and a rosewood fingerboard with bird inlays. The company assures us that the function for all variations of their tremolo remains exactly the same apart from the Gen III having “a few notable updates that further support the fidelity of the guitar’s tone and maximize sustain”. It took a while for the Custom 24 - PRS's original and still best-selling vision - to make it into the SE line, appearing in 2009, four years after the first flat-fronted 22-fret Custom had entered the range. Our site uses cookies. That means you’re going to get a set of balanced pickups that don’t lean too heavily one way or another. These pick-ups really capture the resonance of the body and produce a great mid-range yet bright snap! It just so happens that the stock pickups in the PRS SE Custom 24 have been described exactly so. PRS’ Original was the Custom 24, so, of course, it’s only appropriate that one of the finest SE guitar models is the SE Custom 24, a lower-cost version of the original Custom 24 flagship electric guitar. Eventually I started taking guitar lessons and I evolved into a power-chord assassin. The SE 24 is stocked with an “S” series of the 85/15 pickups that the standard 24 carries. Again, you can’t do everything at once with a single pickup, so as far as company-branded stock pickups go, these are a success. It priced nearly at a quarter of a “original” PRS Custom 24, so how do they compare? GIVEAWAY: LINE 6 RELAY G30 GUITAR WIRELESS UNIT. In a world of mass-made guitars, good quality control is a huge plus. The SE 24 is stocked with an “S” series of the 85/15 pickups that the standard 24 carries. Top 20 Guitarists Of All Time – Guitar Players. But few are revered as much as the mighty Custom 24, which for many players represents the best of what PRS has to offer. It was an usual 80's Peavey T-15 that had an amplifier built into the hard case... really odd rig! Shares. The PRS SE Custom 24 is part of a more affordable series (that’d be the SE part) from the company, but you’d never know comparing them side by side. Thanks for reading! The choice over which Custom you buy is up to you of course, but whichever one you select you’ll be buying into, arguably, the only real progression of the electric guitar since about 1965. A A After nearly 30 years in the business Paul Reed Smith has created some undeniably classic guitars.