Then "Tell me about a time" you aced the interview and got the job! Home > Camel Blog > PM Interviews > Project Management Recruitment Ideas – Scenario Questions at Interviews, Last week, the Project Management Recruitment Ideas looked at Questions at the Interview, this week we focus on a particular type of interview question, the scenario. Give the interviewer what they want; that you can demonstrate the real practical experience required to manage these kinds of situations. Next think about all the softer skills that exist in project management; communication, teamwork, leadership, conflict management, negotiation and influencing. Project Management Interview Questions are overall OK but the last part was amazing. Don’t simply pick the first example that comes to mind. Take some time to consider a few of the most challenging projects you’ve worked on and which ones you learnt the most from. Take time to gather your thoughts before answering, it is a key project manager skill to be able to process the facts before responding! A Word From the Leading Professionals’ on the Professionalisation of Project Management, Rejoinder to Project Management as a Profession- Some Things to Consider. Situational interview questions focus on how you’ll handle real-life scenarios you may encounter in the workplace, and how you’ve handled similar situations in previous roles. These 20 situational interview questions/answers show the right/wrong way to handle hypothetical situations. Other behavioral questions you may deal with in your project management interview. Nonetheless, the interview questions cover the most important project management skills and competencies that the candidate not only will be tested on during an interview but also will need to succeed as a project manager. The interviewer is … Thinking about this before an interview will definitely help you to get into the mindset of soft skills scenario questions. AnthonyUnsot. PROJECT MANAGER INTERVIEWS. You made my day. In an interview for a project management position, the hiring manager will seek to determine whether your management style and experience are a good fit for the position. There often is no right or wrong answer to situations or scenarios. Last week, the Project Management Recruitment Ideas looked at Scenario Questions at the Project Management Interview, this week we focus on those interviews where you are asked to provide a presentation.There is no generally no preference from recruiting organisations on when to use presentations as a recruitment tool; it could be first interview or any of the subsequent stages. When it comes to challenging project management interview questions, make sure you prepare for this interview question. google_ad_width = 468; For example, a Project Manager will interface with the sponsor, a programme manager, suppliers, team members, users, stakeholders, clients, project support etc. 2) Non-Tailored Responses. Equip yourself for these problem solving interview questions. The 10 areas mentioned above and the project management interview questions under them are not an exhaustive list. With project support, the softer skills questions nearly always fall into the category of; “You need to obtain information from a particular project manager for monthly reporting, this project manager is always late in delivering, what can you do to change this situation?” I think it’s rather telling of the project office’s relationships that this question, or a variation on the theme, are always prominent in scenario questioning. Got a question about project management? Project Management Training – Shifting from Classroom to Computer, The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019, Project Management 101 - Objectives and Deliverables.