Instanatanization of powder milk is done the process by which the dried milk and milk products are made instant... 3. Paraffin coated cubes are stacked in the racks. Raw or natural cheese is received after sampling each block of raw cheese for acidity, fat, moisture, salt, etc., Cheese of different ages are blended viz,, 75% of 0-3 months old, (25% 6-12 months old). This consists of atomizing the milk, preferably pre­heated and concentrated, to form spray of very minute droplets (fog like mist), which are directed to a large, suitably designed, dry chamber, where they mix immediately with a current of hot air. The mixture is set. Filling is done mechanically, milk is spread at 24°C. Pressing and packaging which are also mechanized. Sugar must be of good quality which is added at the end of the condensing process. Pasteurized skim milk is received to which calcium chloride is added, @ 1 ml/ 100 litres of milk. There by the skim milk is forced to the periphery while the fat portion moves towards the centre. Dry milk provides the means of handling the excess milk supply in a dairy during the flush season. According to R.L. It is a modified form of natural chhena prepared with the aid of heat, by comminuting and blending one or more lots of cheese, except certain types such as cream, cottage cheese it, with water, salt, colour and emulsifier into a homogeneous plastic mass (which is usually packed while it is hot). It is then strained and added in the required quantity to the milk and mixed thoroughly and uniformly. Drying is done for rind formation in cheese. When the truck arrives at the processing plant, milk is pumped from the truck into tanks that will hold the milk ready for the separation and clarifying process. A dairy is a type of farm devoted to raising and tending cattle in order to use them for milking. Butter must be free from other animal fats, wax and mineral oils, vegetable oils and fat except salt and carotene. The cutting is done when a sanitized glass is inserted into the curd at an angle of 45° and pulled out straight, cutting early or late is a problematic which may yield less or too difficult for moisture expulsion respectively. When all the moisture is evaporated, the residual butter fat is drained from the curd and filtered. After the milk is received and tested filtration is done and standardized to legal conformity. In order to get the higher output of milk there should be increasing efficiency, minimization of energy input, maximum returns to producers which should lead to higher output. Butter oil is a fat concentrate obtained mainly from butter or cream by the removal of practically all water and solid not fat content. 5. Clarification is a step in milk processing that ensures the milk will be free of bacteria and debris. In most cases, milk processing begins in a dairy. Dry milk or milk powder is the product obtained by removal of water from milk by heat or other suitable means, to produce a solid containing 5% or less moisture. 4. Similarly, if it is manufactured from cream the preliminaries remain same. This is the heart of cheese making therefore a good quality stater is chosen to prepare quality cheese. By pressing devices the whey is drawn from the vat. It is the richest source of milk fat. The keeping quality of chhena is short even under refrigerated conditions i.e., 5-10°C. 2. After reading this article you will learn about the processing of dairy products. Before transport, the drivers check to be sure that the milk in the refrigerated tanks is suitable for use, a process normally done by testing temperature and flavor. The processed cheese is passed through piper for packaging. It takes 6 3/4 hours like: There are four stages in cheddar cheese making: Setting, cutting and cooking, i.e., whey is removed, curd is cut, agitation is done, acidity is checked by titeration at intervals. What do they put into the milk to make it last? Content Filtrations 6. It excludes milk consumed on the farm and that used for the manufacture of dairy products.” In India milk is produced from cow and buffalo or mixed milk of the two milch animals. High quality milk is filtered, clarified, standardized, fore-warmed, and condensed evaporated to the desired level. Milk is put into large vats that continually spin. The country today markets some 65 lakh litres of milk as fluid milk in nearly 200 towns and cities in the country and produces 120 tonnes of milk powder. The steps are: 1. Butter is produced from the surplus milk for saving the wastage of milk as being a highly perishable commodity and butter is stable product if kept under preservation. The dry ingredients including skim milk powder, sugar and stabilizer (with few exceptions) are added while the liquid material is agitated and therefore the temperature reaches 49°C. When heat is applied the tendency is to become sticky and clustering in lumps. When milk is allowed to stand for some time, there is a tendency for fat to rise. This provides optimum viscosity in the manufactured products without inducing excessive thickening or thinning during storage.