thanks for the information on your forum. I know that the BN200A has one. I hgad the same problem of my nailer not firing/pin retracting after each shot. I'm having a problem with the thin plate that covers front of the piece where the brads come out of. It is designed to install 18 ga. brad nails of various lengths (from 3/4" to 2" long), see ACCESSORIES Listing in back of this manual. But I cannot remember if the BN200 had one.-WJA Question: Porter Cable BN200 1374486 I have a Porter Cable BN 200 Type 1 brad nailer which has a driver that wont retract. can anyone tell me how to set the depth of the driver on the BN200? I was ready to get a new o=ring kit when i read this forum and tried the cleaning of the exhaust. I was just about ready to dump my nailer and then I came across this site. Porter-Cable Model BN200A is a heavy duty pneumatic brad nailer. Kudos to whom ever posted the "clean out the exhaust port". CAUTION: Use approved Porter-Cable brad nails only (see ACCES … I have a gun that wont retract and i have taken it apart several times without being able to figure anything out. I had the same problem, after reading about debris in the exhaust port I took it apart, no dirt in the port so I removed the exhaust plunger and oiled it up with the gun oil and it works fine. 031036 that will fire a brad but does not retract the Driver enough to allow another brad to load. But be careful, some may not fit too well. If it does not work still, I am going to drag it behind my car on trip to texas from oregon. I have a porter cable pcc 790 battery brad nailer that will not drive. Bert. wow thanks for the advise on cleaning the exaust port, I had completely disasebled the gun and inspected the parts accept the pin in the exaust port and put it toegther with the same problem. I cleaned out the exhaust port as was suggested and now it works as good as new. COPYRIGHT© 2020 PORTER-CABLE. Having the same problem, I checked locally and they feel the problem is the driver maintenance kit, #60011. Now that I read about the top exhaust wearing out I have new hope. Brad Nailer Kit has a magnesium body that delivers both a strong and lightweight design. I've had this gun for years and probably haven't cycled 100 nails out of it. I just cleaned my nailer with parts cleaner and sprayed it well with silcone spray. Mine is working great now except if I hold the trigger air flows from the exahust. I just did mine and it is now working like new. I had just purchased the overhaul kit and finished overhauling my BN200 because of the head retraction problem and it didn't fix it. Hi I have a Porter Cable Brad Nailer Model BN200 18GA Seriel NO. But as you said the exhaust port needed cleaned. It will shoot the first brad and then be weak and will not pick up the next brad. 3. 2. Going to go take it apart right now. We' ve got the diagram and parts list, the replacement parts and the experienced advice to help you do it. Keep track of the models you own in your profile Thanks To All !! The following are examples of trademarks for one or more PORTER-CABLE power tools and accessories: a gray and black color scheme; a “four point star” design; and three contrasting Could you please provide a link to the Service Bulletin # 425 for repairing the Porter Cable nailer? Also for: Bn200a, Bn125a. Thanks so much for the advice. 1. Diagram and Parts list for your Porter Cable BN200A Brad Nailer toll free: 1-877-908-7568. Need to repair your Porter Cable BN200A Brad Nailer? WEAR EAR PROTECTION to safeguard against possible hearing loss. It works now. Any ideas what would do this? 894884-003 nail gun pdf manual download. Awsome. Check the power on the compressor to make certain it is plugged in and turned on. Release the pressure from the tank by pulling out on the release valve.