I'm here to share with you my Thai, Thai inspired, and Asian recipes (and occasionally recipes from other cuisines as well) that you can easily make yourself at home. Thai hot and sour soup is a breeze to make – which makes you wonder how can you develop so much flavor with such a few ingredients in such little time? A lot of people like the aroma of lime juice and so do I. Or you can go to a restaurant and get a similar dish for $5/$8. It’s all delicious ingredients . My Newsletter, I LOVE hearing from you! If you go to an Isaan restaurant, you'll find another pork rib tom yum variation called 'tom zap,' which contains Thai basil, toasted rice powder and some other ingredients different from those of tom yum. . Commonly made with prawns or shrimp, Tom Yum Goon (Goon means shrimp) it can also … Cover the pot an simmer for 20 minutes. Use a slotted spoon to scoop the tamarind pods from the soup and hold the spoon just right above the surface of the soup. The street vendors with their roll around carts start with a pot of broth and a pot of boiling hot water. Love that lemongrass and tamirand is in this. If you are wondering what does Tom Yum means, Tom means “boiling” and Yum refers to the “spicy and sour” flavor. From seafood to pork ribs, beef and chicken, you name it --- anything that floats your boat is fine. Sliced scallions. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe. My husband and I really enjoyed this recipe! Add the lemongrass, Thai chiles, garlic, lime leaves, and galangal to the broth. However, this recipe is meat-free, and an excellent base for whatever protein or vegetables you’d like to add. You can make it with pretty much anything! Easy to prepare and cook! In Thailand this soup is sometimes served with sticky rice on the side. Tom yum with no prawns! I am looking Tasted better than the lemongrass soup at our local Thai restaurant. You're gonna love this and will thank me later! There is also a simple ingredient swap you can make for a fully vegan/vegetarian tom yum soup. There are two types of Tom Yum, a clear soup (like the recipe below) and a creamy soup. The full flavored broth is infused with lemongrass, ginger and Thai chiles. The taste of tom yum is based on sour and spicy flavors. Baked Brie in Puff Pastry With Cranberries. Add 1½ liters of water to a pot and simmer the pork ribs with the lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and tamarind pods for about 50 minutes. You can freeze the soup with the shrimp and the mushrooms added however, I prefer to make the broth, add all the rest of ingredients but the shrimp and mushrooms. Thanks for the feedback. ¼ cup Tom Yum soup base (I got one on Amazon, a powder base called Cot Lau Thai Lan) ¼ cup fish sauce; ¼ cup sugar; Ribs. I am so glad you enjoyed the soup. A paste called nam prik pao is prepared as a base of the soup, to which water, herbs and meat are added. Sliced onions. Did your world just come crashing down because you saw no 'goong' (prawns) in my tom yum? I love tom yum goong myself but find that a lot of times prawns sold at the market or supermarket aren't that fresh, and I just end up using pork ribs. If you are thinking coconut milk, you are most likely thinking of traditional Tom Kha soup which is made with coconut milk! The lemongrass and lime leaves are not to be eaten. Place the stock and water into a large pan over a high heat and bring to the boil. Add the shrimp to the hot soup to prevent overcooking. You can remove them before serving if you wish. Tom Yum or Tom Yum Goon is possibly one of the most popular soup recipes in Thailand. STEP 6 Divide the noodles among serving bowls. I'm Nart. While ginger and galangal are in the same family, they do NOT taste the same. Use another spoon to squash the tamarind pulp through the slotted spoon into the soup and discard the membranes and seeds. Add the lemongrass, lime leaves, ginger and red chile peppers and lower the heat to medium-low. You can add more if desire. Having just returned from working a month in Bangkok, I think this recipe is the most authentic i have seen available on the internet. STEP 4 To make the dumplings, mix the pork, garlic, fish sauce, pepper and 1 tbsp water until well combined. This Tom Yum looks so good. To be fair, pork rib tom yum is a very popular soup here and more common than tom yum goong at real-world everyday 'kao rad gaeng' stalls (stalls that serve rice with a variety of pre-made curries/stir-fries/soups for about 30-50 baht) because pork ribs are cheaper than prawns. I'm sorry to break the truth, but tom yum goong is not the only tom yum we eat in Thailand. We moved to the south and I can never get it here . Place a heaped teaspoonful of filling into the centre of a wonton wrapper. * Please note that all nutrition information are just estimates. I only need to get some tamarind and I can make this recipe! Turn the heat off and add the cilantro. I had no idea. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. 1. Exellent! Eating fresh foods doesn’t take a lot of effort (or toll on your budget!) You can! Remove some of the outer layers of the lemongrass, cut it in half and pound it to bruise it so it releases its aroma. This is the best most authentic tasting recipe I lived in Thailand for 6 months so I know how is supposed to taste. The best tom yum recipe! 1 rack of baby back pork ribs (anywhere from 8 to 11 ribs on the rack) Directions. Your email address will not be published. But for this recipe, the tamarind juice makes the tom yum sour enough for me. The reason why we Thais enjoy pork rib tom yum is because the bones help make the broth very rich. Tom Yam is very healthy, low-carb, gluten free and packed with flavor! Pinterest Make the broth as written with the addition of the shrimp/prawn heads and shells. Sometimes I can’t find them either. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I can’t wait to give it a try! Sign up and receive the latest recipes via email, This looks super tasty!! We put pretty much any kind of protein in this hot and sour soup. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Your email address will not be published. at stores and can’t find these fresh and I found them on Amazon. Add the lemongrass, coriander roots, galangal, We also add a few other ingredients once in a while. Remove any fat floating on top of the liquid. Facebook You may want to wear gloves next time. Add 1½ liters of water to a pot and simmer the pork ribs with the lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and tamarind pods for about 50 minutes. Just like this spicy Coconut Curry Soup, Tom Yum is one we make at home all the time due to its simplicity and amazing flavor. Instead of straw mushrooms, you can add sliced Shiitake or white button mushrooms. Tom Yum Goon, Tom Yum Soup, Tom Yum Soup Recipe, I love seeing what you’ve made! And yes, we use just anything in tom yum! Looks delicious nonetheless . The nam prik pao is made from roasted chilies, shallots, and garlic and the ingredients are best grilled on a charcoal fire. And you know the game - you reheat seafood, it gets dry and nasty; you reheat pork ribs, they get more and more tender. Can you purchase all the Lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal dried and still have it taste good. Lime juice or a little bit of lime zest should do the trick when you don’t have lime leaves. I promise your tom yum will be just fine. Buy shrimp or prawns whole with heads and shells attached. If you want the lime juice aroma, you can use less tamarind and season the soup with lime juice until you reach the taste you prefer at the end. I highly recommend you take the tine to find galangal. This Thai Tom Yum Soup recipe, made with tender shrimp is absolutely delicious! Required fields are marked *, Hello! I haven’t use dried but I am sure it would be fine. We love this soup and make it quite often at home. However, galangal is very hard to find in my neck of the woods so I always use ginger with amazing results. Cover and boil for 10 minutes. I am so glad you and your husband liked the soup. If using a microwave, remove the shrimp, before heating. Home » Recipes by Category » Soups & Stews » Super Tender Pork Rib Tom Yum, What? Si vous utilisez des crevettes pour cette recette, vous pourriez obtenir de la mousse sur votre soupe, auquel cas vous pouvez juste écumer légèrement le dessus et le jeter. as long as you plan ahead. Plump shrimp, mushrooms and fresh cilantro complete this simple and easy to make Thai soup. Strain the broth before adding the rest of the ingredients. Add them at the same time you add the mushrooms. This soup will seriously knock-your-socks-off! Join my FREE recipe club to receive fresh new recipes & chef tips! Hi Clayton, thank you so much for sharing, I cannot wait to visit Thailand! Pound stalks to release flavor; cut into 1-inch lengths. Commonly made with prawns or shrimp, Tom Yum Goon (Goon means shrimp) it can also be made with chicken – Tom Yum Gai (Gai means chicken). Thank you Caroline! You are absolutely right, galangal tastes different than ginger and it’s a wonderful ingredient. STEP 5 Cook the dumplings in boiling water for 3-4 minutes or until cooked. This gives the shrimp a fresh taste and the mushrooms a better texture.