Population health is a concept that extends beyond the borders of the integrated delivery system. NCQA standards for population health provide a framework for organizations to deliver coordinated care, keep members healthy, and prevent unnecessary costs. The Quadruple Aim framework is based off the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Triple Aim, which looks at the patient experience of care, reducing the total cost of care, and population health, and then adds on a fourth focus of improving workforce well-being with the mindset that happy healthcare providers equate to happy patients. advance different components of the Pathways to Population Health Framework: ... actions currently underway in the two components. For overall or mean population health, two components are displayed: mortality (length of life), and health-related quality of life, or morbidity. The 6 Critical Components of Population Health. institutions, are affecting population health, and what governments and public health can do about it. The core of the model includes the continuum of care, as well as patient-centered interventions. To guide the Commission in its mammoth task, the WHO Secretariat conducted a review and summary of different frameworks for understanding the social determinants of health. The Population Health Conceptual Framework identifies the general components and stakeholders of population health. Healthy People 2010 defined health-related quality of life as "a personal sense of physical and mental health and the ability to react to factors in the physical and social environments (3)." The Clinical Prevention and Population Health Curriculum Framework is a product of the interprofessional Healthy People Curriculum Task Force convened by the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research. A comprehensive health literacy program coupled with population health interventions can reduce short-term and long-term disparities between the general population and Head Start children, families, and staff. Components Data Collection Resources > COMPONENT 3 Clinical Practice and Population Health. Data Aggregation – Every analyst report seems to start with this capability, and I agree. It first depicts the identification, assessment and stratification of program participations. As a reminder, social drivers encompass socioeconomic factors such as food, housing, education, transportation, and income, as well as social connectedness. Health Details: There is, at least among industry analysts, a common definition and understanding of the six components of population health.