If you notice that the flowers of the plumeria are not opening and there are a lot of dropped buds under the tree, check to see if sap is bleeding out of the tips of branches and blooms. Plumeria stem rot. More on Black Tip Fungus at Plumeria101.com, Plumeria rust fungus. Sucking plant’s sap they can severely damage and stunt Plumeria. In general, the most common way of acquiring spider mites, mealybugs and scale insects is purchasing an infested plant. Every year when I bring it inside it looses its leaves, and I know that is typical. Sooner or later you might run into problems and this last chapter in the series I hope will help you to solve most of them. Insecticidal soap and a fungicide treatment will resolve both these problems. No flowers either. Hello, i was Wondering if you had an ideal soil temperature that you like for your plumerias for blooming indoors. They are insects of about the same size as spider mites, which they are preying on. Spider mites are unfortunately common seasonal dwellers on indoors plants. Aloha! I should add that luckily they withstood many cool nights ( well under 16′ and even less than10’C) with no apparent damage. Plumeria scale insects. This is our first winter for it. It has only quite limited sunlight because it’s blocked by other stuff. I will use a Q&A structure in the chronological order you might experience problems on your way from cutting to flowering. I just brought my 1 year old Plumeria trees indoors after a successful summer outside. Let the top soil get dry before watering. 5-50-17 is an odd combination. I don’t see any thing on the bottom. What should I do? At one time or another, we all overwater our plumeria or you may live in a heavy rainfall area and had flooding problems. Check even the next question to make sure it is not the case. Writing professionally since 2008, Michelle Miley specializes in home and garden topics but frequently pens career, style and marketing pieces. Plumerias (also known as Frangipani,) need well-draining soil, full or partial sun and regular water. Dear David, I apologise for the late answer. Hi Andrew, the soil temperature should be not below 22-24C (71-75F). Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding! Examine the leaves of the plumeria for black and white discolorations. Strip down the leaves and put the pot away from the sun and it can wait for you for months. Make sure it’s not standing in a cold draught. Hi, Your plants are so beautiful and this is inspiring me. The Plumeria Society of America, Inc.: Pests and Diseases: Symptoms and Solutions for Plumeria, University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service: Plumeria, How to Care for a Shidare Yoshino Weeping Cherry. (part 4/5), https://tropicsathome.com/flowering-plumeria-frangipani-indoors/, Monstera deliciosa ‘Borsigiana Albovariegata’. What are they and what do I need to do ?? Plumeria problems anyway. Root Rot. True or fake on eBay? A thorough overview of plumerias 1 min read. I have a question. Solving Plumeria problems when growing indoors. The signature symptom of powdery mildew is white or gray powdery spots on the upper sides of plumeria leaves. So far you leave at least some old leaf bases under the cut surface in about a month or sooner you will see new branches growing from there. Your options here are to prepare the plant for winter storage or to provide it artificial light. Sometimes plumeria leaves are infected with fungi that cause a reddish-orange rust on the underside of the leaf. Fertilizing. Grafting. Examine the leaves on top and bottom, looking for any pest problems. Photo © Plumeria101.com. She holds an Associate of Applied Science in accounting, having graduated summa cum laude. Can you tell me what rooting hormone you recommend for Plumeria cuttings? it does seem that we have lost a few leaves over this winter that eventually dry out from this.