It comes out great on the grill but, when I have the choice, I prefer using the oven. Take your stone, put it on a cold grill, close up the top, then get the heat going. You might get a crispy crust, but the contents of the pizza itself will likely disappoint you. Only use hot water and use a stone brush—never use scrubbers or abrasive metal. Pizza stones range from $15 up to over $100, and their price depends on the material, size, and brand. As it can crack or damage the stone, repeated use will start to create grooves in the stone. How to Use A Pizza Stone Without A Pizza Peel? Furthermore, it’s very important to remember that you should never use soap or other chemicals to clean it, because it might transfer onto any pizzas you bake, or grill since the soap will get sucked into the pores. How to Use A Pizza Stone. You don’t need any grease or oil on the pizza rock when placing in the oven. If you’ve never tried making your own pizza at home, then I can tell you, you’re definitely missing out. Usually, you’ll also need a pizza peel. As you are using a stone, the pizza will cook much faster than the indicated time. With masonry ovens, the pizza is cooked from the hot air and direct contact with the stone. It is not really a tough job to use a pizza stone at home to make your own pizza. You’ll find pizza stones in any store that carries kitchen products as well as large department stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowes. You never want to put a cold pizza stone into a hot oven because the drastic change in temperature could cause the stone to crack. You can use your pizza stone to make many delicious pizzas if you treat it right. Pizza stones are available in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, but most are round, about 16 inches in diameter, and are made from either ceramic or cordierite. They come in two standard shapes—rectangular and circular. That feeling of biting into the perfect pie, with its melted cheese and tomato sauce, is truly unparalleled. A room temperature metal pan will produce a crust that is flat and crunchy like a cracker. Always allow your pizza stone to warm up with your oven. Baked Pizza. 10 Best Baking Stone for bread – Reviews with Buyer’s Guide 2020, Easy Ways to Bake Pastry Dough without an Oven, Easy Ways to Make a Cake without a Cake Pan, Easy Ways to Make Cake Pops without a Mold. and slide onto the pizza stone after the stone has preheated. And yes, your stone is compatible with those as well. For starters, size is an important consideration. We love using our pizza stone on the grill. Most pizza calls for a very hot oven. Pizza stones vary greatly. Pizza stones work by absorbing excess moisture from the dough, stone will require preheating for grilled pizza, pizza thaw for a bit inside the oven; a minute or so should do it. Even for bigger pizzas, only 6/7 minutes will do. After the one-hour preheat time for your stone has passed, carefully slide the pizza onto the stone directly from the peel. After about 10-12 minutes, your pizza should be ready. Some of the most common foods people cook on pizza stones beside pizza are bread, cookies, vegetables, french fries, and quesadillas. Once the oven is done preheating, the stone will still need a little longer to heat up. How to use a pizza stone in the oven or on the grill Preheat the stone until it reaches 550° F (Pizzacraft stones can withstand 900° F) The correct oven temp for a pizza... Place room temperature pizza in the center of the stone (do not season stone). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to However, there are some risks you should know about. This might sometimes cause the stone to crack (eep!). Cast Elegance stones can be put through a self-cleaning cycle of an oven, which can make the pizza stone look almost new! I had the following questions that I think will help you on your way to making delicious pizza at home. The best way to transfer a pizza to a stone is to use a paddle called a pizza peel–and it is much easier to slide a small pizza from a peel than to slide a large one. Yes! It’s just weird. As the stone is preheating in the oven, get your dough rolled out and your sauce, cheese, and other toppings ready to go. Cordierite is another common material used for pizza stones. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to make pizza at home that tastes like it’s from one of the best restaurants in the world. Pizza stones work by absorbing excess moisture from the dough. It is most well known as the primary material in catalytic converters, which are a critical part of automobiles’ exhaust process. If any ingredients get stuck on the surface of the stone, place it in your oven on the highest temperature setting and leave it there until you can scrape off the unwanted material. Using a Pizza Stone in the Oven. Soap gets trapped in the porous texture on the surface of your pizza stone. Before cutting the pizza, remove it from the stone and place it on a cutting board. There are a few key reasons why this method of cooking is ideal for pizza: You got the dough, sauces, cheese, toppings, and pizza stone. The great news is, it’ll take only a few minutes for your pizza to get done baking. When that happens, use a spatula to scrape it off. Once the stone is safely inside the oven, go to town with that temperature setting! Le Creuset: A Detailed Comparison of The Top Dutch Ovens. The steps here are quite similar. Not all of us have the time or patience to sit around crafting an entire pizza, dough and toppings and all. To best understand how a pizza stone works, you first need to learn how a masonry oven works. So, if you don’t keep a close watch, you might end up with a burnt pizza, or one with uncooked toppings. The exact temperature depends on your oven and the size of the pizza. One very important thing to remember is to stay away from the soap. These rumors are completely false, and I would highly recommend ignoring that advice. Literally no one ever calls it a ‘pie’. Although there are many pizza stones on the market, the one I highly recommend is the Culinary Couture 15-inch pizza stone (see on Amazon). Some people say that you need to season a pizza stone with oil like you would a cast iron skillet. Now, let the stone preheat for at least an hour. When you use a pizza stone, you are also more likely to enjoy an evenly cooked, crispy crust. Other than the ingredients, if you just have a regular oven, all you need to add to the mix is a pizza stone. In fact, using a stone for your frozen pizza will actually give it a much crispier base, as opposed to just putting it straight into the oven. Get some cornmeal, or regular flour, and scatter it out across the peel. Now that you have a pizza stone, nothing should stop you from experimenting. Use a pizza peel. Pizza stones are made from a few different types of materials, but the most common are ceramic, cordierite, and steel. This is important if you want that standard, slightly charred flavor we all love in our pizzas. Once the oven reaches temperature, carefully take the stone out with two oven mitts and place it on your stove. Now you know how to use a pizza stone in the oven but, if you’re like me, you probably have several other questions to clear up before getting started.