You ask Gumshoe if there is anything else on the evidence, but von Karma raises an objection. Von Karma has Gumshoe testify further about the evidence. When given the choice, Press further, then choose There is one little thing.... You examine the costume. You are introduced to your new opponent - a very young woman named Franziska von Karma, who says she is here for one thing, revenge (for her father?). Whoops! The victim took a shot, but because they were too close, he missed. This is it. Maya says she doesn't recall ever leaving the room and she doesn't recall a third person either. You try to stop the judge from ending cross-examination, but you are overruled. Therefore, you have yet to prove anything. If both the defendant's sleeve and the screen were shot at the same time, the defendant could have been squatting down. I believe I was more specific on that one. You can pick either choice, and von Karma presents the court another picture. Only the Doc and the defendant went into the Channelin' Chamber. The scene then moves to Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey at the detention center. Justice for All is a visual novel adventure game in which the player takes the role of Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney who defends people accused of murder in four different episodes. | Case 2 - Part 10 (Reunion and Turnabout) 2016-05-07: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All BLIND! Things are looking grim already; everything is implicating Maya for the murder. The episodes are all divided into chapters, consisting of courtroom sections and investigation sections. If you remember from the last game case "Rise From the Ashes", there are issues around evidence, detectives death, rules and sisterhood between Lana and Ema Skye, resulting in Edgeworth going away to learn what is the meaning of being a prosecutor since you defeated him before. This is a sortable table of all the cases in the Ace Attorney series. Maya is shocked to hear you are facing Prosecutor von Karma (well, his successor). The Judge accuses von Karma of hiding the evidence, but von Karma says she wasn't informed, and blames the police. Maya's Costume will be added to the Court Record. Her face cannot be seen. At first, only one episode is available; as the player solves a case, a new episode is unlocked to play. You are asked to present where the defendant was standing. [Go to top]← Part 2-1: Trial | Part 2-2: Trial | Part 3: Investigation →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, Lotta's Testimony: Witness's Account Pt.2, Witness's Account Pt.2: Cross-examination, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All,,_and_Turnabout/Part_2-2:_Trial&oldid=821534. Look at the right-hand sleeve (Her left). The defendant attacked and killed a person who, without doubt, was not fighting back. Why didn't Lotta mention this in her testimony? Von Karma says the reason she didn't submit the second picture in court is that she didn't think it would be of much use. That's illegal, which is why von Karma isn't planning to submit the photo at all. This proves to the court Maya's power! It seems everything has changed, but von Karma states that you have made a mistake. we hear this gunshot! Wasn't there a bullet hole there? Gumshoe presents Dr. Grey's Autopsy Report, which will be added to the Court Record. Unfortunately, The Judge agrees. A girl is sitting on the road facing the car. Lotta's Photo will be added to the Court Record. The fact that the bullet hole is in the sleeve on the costume you have now, but not in the picture which was taken after the crime, has confused The Judge. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All (JPJapanese: 逆転裁判2Romaji: Gyakuten Saiban 2Meaning: Turnabout Trial 2) is the second game in the Ace Attorney seriesthat takes place in the year following the events of the first game,Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. Why would Maya be squatting near the folding screen when she should be preparing to attack? Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All | Table of Contents | Walkthrough The legal system is pretty much the same as the last game. When given the choice, choose Maya had left the room. Von Karma tries to explain the victim could have pushed the defendant away before firing. At the time of the murder, only the victim and the defendant were in the room. You try to stop the judge from ending cross-examination, but you are overruled. You don't need to learn about the real-life court system to get any ideas of what to expect, as it is self-explanatory. 1. Lotta's Testimony: Witness's Account Pt.2 When given a choice of keeping your plea or making a "justified self-defense" plea, choose Plead not guilty, because remember, you have the "key".