The curly hair fade is the perfect “short sides, long top” hairstyle for guys with curls or waves. Some of the stuff that I’ve heard guys say: I’ve heard it all. The natural curls are celebrated in the above curly haircut for boys, and it… Short Hair with Glasses: Style Tips for Men, Explore The Different Tones of Auburn Hair, Hairstyles For Women Over 60: Look Great At Any Age, Styling Curly Hair For Men: Tips & Tricks. Then post it below in the comments section. Air drying your hair is the best option when it comes to styling curly hair for guys. The point is that I made it my goal to finish with all the nonsense that abounds in the men’s hair field and inject some sense into the heads of my curly brethren (well, I also made it my goal to bring some hair-related sense into all men regardless of hair type with my second book, The Men’s Hair Book, but that’s another story). On average, though, a curly male will benefit from shampooing every other day (i.e. Thanks. Case in point, either use your fingers to style your curls or use a high-quality wide-tooth comb to style your mane. Hi! Is there a way I can email you some pictures? Should I use a hair tonic or old school pomade like Royal Crown? Your scalp secretes an awesome endogenous hair product called “sebum”. Using a hairdryer can typically leave your hair feeling dry and lifeless, although using a diffuser attachment can certainly help define the curls better and help prevent frizziness. Then it just cycles over and over. I have no full tutorial, but that’s what you need. BUT MY HAIR HAS SO MANY FLYAWAYS. Rogelio, I’m an actor and one of the things I want to do for my career is to rock the curls. You can read my hair-conditioners tutorial for more on these two types of hair conditioners. The hair loss inflicted by pulling one’s hair (whether intentionally or unintentionally) is called traction alopecia. Can I get your take on it? The thing is, all these excuses are based on the premise that looking after your curls as a male is time consuming, hard, expensive and girly. I’ve read the hair types, I’ve questions because I know my hair is a lot like Adrian Grenier but considerably more dry and frizzy so it doesn’t really sit, it grows outwards like THE VITRUVIAN MAN in Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing. If the answer is yes, then still read ahead as you will very likely learn something new about your curls! Leave the conditioner coating your hair for about two minutes and then rinse the conditioner. Heat-damaged hair is almost always best chopped off if you want to grow your hair longer. Frizzy, tangled, unkempt, difficult to maintain are the adjectives that have become synonymous with curly or wavy hair. Just before I proceed with the curly hair care tips, however, let me tell you that you will find a lot more tips in The Curly Hair Book itself. At one point as you continue dropping shampooing days, your gained hair benefits will begin to regress as you keep dropping shampooing days, so, right before you notice said regression of the gained benefits, it will be then that you will have found out your optimal shampooing frequency. Need advice? Soft, but it has no shine and it looks like an afro with a few coils here and there, but in reality its just a bunch of flyaways! Absolutely! If you keep the shampooing to once a week, use conditioner and a sea salt spray, then your curls will really shine forth! To avoid pulling your hair, follow the previous tip and only style your hair with your fingers or with a wide tooth comb. Is it possible for my waves to go from very, very dry to a healthy shiny state? So awesome that no woman will ever dare put you again in the feared friend zone (and here is where I end the hyperbole). Most of the guys back out while we discuss curly hair. It takes about 18 months for this to fully manifest if growing your curly hair from a very-short length (e.g. Hey Rogelio, Long and luscious: Curly hair really comes into its own when the length gets longer. Tying your hair into a man bun also works great for those days when you want to remain stylish but with minimal fuss. Curly hair is particularly susceptible to drying out and frizzing, and because shampooing strips away natural oils, it dries your hair out even further. However, curly-haired guys seem to be the center of attraction due to its impromptu nature and the unpredictable vibes it produces. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Curly Hair Care for Men: 101 Tips for Epic Curls. So, if you dig these tips that you’re about to read and want to own an awesome mane like the thousands of curly fellas who too have bought the book and followed the system and methods, then either run at the speed of light to your nearest bookstore or simply click on this link to the book on Amazon to buy it and get it shipped ASAP to your house. Many men out there believe that their own curly hair is difficult to manage, but when done right and with care, curly hair can provide you with a lot of styling options and tons of volume. So, considering that I have some free time right now and that a hair care article is always welcomed here at Manly Curls, I am going to give you some curly hair care tips below that you will be wise to follow for some awesome curls. A conditioner is the kind of hair product that will only get you blank stares when you ask any guy about it; yet, conditioners are too awesome to not be aware of what they are and do. I also started writing my book, The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils and Kinks (aka The Curly Hair Book). I have somewhat straight hair but want to go curly. Having grown my curly hair super long a couple of times throughout my lifetime, I have come to realize that there’s one important thing you must do when attempting to grow your curly hair long; it is a tip, so to speak, that will break or make your journey to long hair.It really is that much of a super tip. Rogelio is the go-to guy when it comes to men's hair. Ideally, use the wide-tooth comb to simply set the curls on your head, and then use your fingers to do all the shaping and styling. Not “nice”, not “fine”, not “average”; I’m talking “awesome”. I like having my hair a bit longer, but the frizz is ridiculous when its dry. However, the same care tips apply to all and will make life with curly hair so much easier! Now go and start taking care of those to-be unbelievably luscious curls! Day Three: Just rinse hair I would like to take a some of the curls out(or tame them down a bit-Think Bradley Cooper in the Hangover) but I’m not sure what combination of products I should use. Any suggestions and how should I care for it? Also, as your curls grow and so long as you use these two hair-conditioning products, your curly mane will start to look better and better due to the shape of your coiled curls.