Pistachio Cheesecake Pie - It's no bake and uses pistachio pudding. Since I first posted this alternative to a pecan pie recipe, I’ve received countless emails thanking me for helping families bring back this treasured holiday pie to the table for folks who have nut allergies. Pecan pie is one of the most popular desserts in America.The blend of caramelized sugar and chopped pecan blend creates a sweet yet nutty and creamy yet crunchy combination that is beloved across the South.If pecan pie isn't a classic in your home during the holidays, this is the year to finally add the delicious confection to the mix. My Faux Pecan Pie is a taste twin to the classic but safe for families who have someone with a nut allergy. Banana Cream Pie - If you're not a fan of mushy browned bananas in your pie then this is the recipe for you. This is so light, creamy, fluffy, and just delicious. This is so light, creamy, fluffy, and just delicious. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ree-drummond/pecan-pie-recipe-2042433