A debate is a debate, regardless of the topic. The drinking age should be higher, in my opinion. Why do we need to give money to other countries anyway? Learning how to productively debate will improve your students' communication skills as they practice speaking and listening. Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in sports? Climate change is not as bad as people say it is. (if you need common debate topics). So no, finding a good topic for any debate is not an easy thing to do. Should renewable forms of energy be subsidized by the government? Prayers should not be enforced in public schools. Should students be able to leave school grounds for lunch? Make owning guns illegal today. You may think that finding the top debate topics is as simple as Googling them. Manual is better than automatic. Each item is listed in the form of a question to propose to your students that has at least two points of view. (the best of all science debate topics). Why office romance should be accepted everywhere. (one of the controversial debate topics for high school). Should partial-birth abortion be illegal? The US government must subsidize renewable energy production. And even easier when you have an expert to do it for you. Below are 20 practice resolutions for you to use in your debate club meetings, to brainstorm a case and deliver an extemporaneous speech, or to utilize at tournaments or scrimmages. America is restricting freedom of speech at an alarming rate. It will stop gun violence in the US. Parliamentary Debate. Being bored in school should be made a medical condition. Great Summer Engineering Programs for High School Students. But we have something a lot better for you: a long list of list of debate topics (over 100 topics in total). What do you think? Just make sure you don’t offend your audience! I'm a good student and I always have been but it takes a little help to stay at the top and this is where I get it. No matter your reasons for using them, having debates in your classroom is a sure way to get your students thinking and talking. Let’s ban contact sports from our schools! Let’s face it; technology is making humans dumber. Here are the best of them: Does your professor like sports? The hunt for alien life is contrary to the Church. © 2013-2020 MyHomeworkDone.com. The following list contains all the topics we consider to be good debate topics. Why are we exporting live animals after all? Should you choose the love of your life or your family? The voting age is too low, in my opinion. Eating lots of fat doesn’t make you fat. Which celebrity you think is the sexiest? Each item is listed in the form of a question to propose to your students that has at … This list would not be complete without some nice, easy scientific debate topics. ", 100 Persuasive Speech Topics for Students, Great Summer Dance Programs for High School Students. Cheating at exams is in the human nature. There are no more things left to discover when it comes to tech. Should students be graded on their handwriting? Should high-stakes state testing be abolished? Every citizen in the world should get free Internet. Should poetry units be removed from the curriculum? (a good choice for ethics debate topics). Humans should not attempt to colonize another planet. Should the theory of creation be taught in schools. Online education is better than traditional education. Health problems are not caused by what we eat. Should citizens who do not vote be fined? In other words, debate topics for high school should be interesting and relatively simple. Zoos are a form of animal cruelty, period. If everyone agrees, it wouldn’t be a debate would it? No need to thank us! Stop using native American mascots, sports teams! Should parents be allowed to choose their baby's gender? Melissa Kelly, M.Ed., is a secondary school teacher, instructional designer, and the author of "The Everything New Teacher Book: A Survival Guide for the First Year and Beyond. Should people be fined for not recycling? Medical errors should not be considered criminal in nature. Just make sure you don’t give out any personal information! We should be able to own our own DNA. Is it ever appropriate for the government to restrict freedom of speech? The cost of healthcare in the US is too high. I have a learning disability so writing takes me much longer than other people. Should students be required to pass algebra to graduate? In other words, debate topics for high school should be interesting and relatively simple. Should drone attacks against specific targets be used for modern warfare? We should ban gay marriage everywhere in the US. Your email address will not be published. The following 50 debate topics can be used in high school or advanced middle school classrooms. Some of the policies of Hitler were actually pretty helpful. Should all parents be required to attend parenting classes before having a child? Here are the top debate topics you can discuss in class in high school and get an A: We hope these topics will help you pick the best subject for your debate. So why not come up with some nice, intriguing health debate topics like these: Almost every person has his or her own take on various historical events. They should also spark a debate pretty quickly. Should you be able to wear anything you want, even in school? We need to allow human cloning. Which is better, Android or iOS? My College Options, Difference Between Active And Passive Immunity – Your Informative Guide. The main point of a debate is that it should not appeal to all tastes. Should physical education be required of all high school students? So here are some historical debate topics: You can also ask our experts to help you with history homework, once you have any troubles. Is democracy the best form of government? The United States had no business in World War I. Haitham first discovered gravitation, not Newton. Is the Church wrong? All Rights Reserved. Should microaggressions be punishable by law? Should every student be required to take a performing arts course? Should a border fence be constructed between the U.S. and Mexico? Smartphones can be very effective educational tools. Now I can hand in great essays and focus on that. (best of all the public forum debate topics). Should all students be required to perform community service? Should schools punish cyberbullying that occurs outside of school? Public school sports should be off-limits to home-schooled students. Well, it is not. Participants represent the advocates for and against a motion for debate (also known as a resolution or topic). So here are some of the most interesting environmental debate topics: It may sound like a bit strange, but relationship topics to debate are pretty common these days. The United States has the right to act as the world police. So our list wouldn’t be complete without some funny debate topics like these: Of course, what list of debate topics would miss political debate topics? Are video games too violent for children? Should the cruel treatment of animals be illegal? We’ve split our high school debate topics into several sections so you can easily find exactly what you need. Let’s punish the parents for our mistakes. (one of the best health care debate topics). Is technology changing people for the worse? Should marijuana use be considered a crime? Should the U.S. government fund a space mission to Mars? This is exactly what you need for a good debate. Should parents be required to vaccinate their children? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a science whiz: Of course, there are some pointless debate topics that don’t lead anywhere. Should schools be allowed to track students by academic level? Probably one of the few trustworthy places online. Which is better. Debates tend to instantly engage students, but they can also sharpen their research and public speaking skills.