Paint and Rust Removal Formulations Miscellaneous Formularies Literature Videos A collection of HI&I formulations developed by our R&D team. Removes paint from concrete without damage. Rust Remover Jelly No. Before you choose a paint remover, you should know which of these will suit your needs, whether you are concerned with effectiveness, environmental safety, or health risks. Peel Away®1 Heavy-Duty Paint Remover is formulated without flammable solvents, no harmful odors or toxic fumes, making this product ideal for interior and exterior applications when removing paint from wood, brick, stone, metal, most plaster substrates and more. This product will remove paint… Safest of all heavy-duty paint strippers. Thermoguard’s Thermostrip Pro is a great paint stripper to remove water and oil-based coatings – this also includes carpet glue for instance! This paint remover will be ideal for projects where you need to remove thick layers of paint. Concrete and wood surfaces. Thermoguard Thermostrip Pro. This product is the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly method to remove paints, urethanes, varnishes, acrylics, lacquers, enamels and many other finishes. If you have any questions about these formulas or need any assistance formulating with our products, please contact the R&D Lab. This water-based formulation does not contain methylene chloride. Just as there are a variety of different types of paint, there are many types of paint remover, which contain different active ingredients. Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover is a revolutionary paint remover formulated for newer coating systems. Heavy-duty liquid or gel paint stripping formulation designed to remove paints, urethanes and difficult to remove 2-part epoxies from metal. Description: Paint stripper and graffiti remover. Non-caustic, non-toxic, water cleanable.