Toggle navigation Study 2 Online. Home; CCC; Tally; GK in Hindi Study Material CCC MCQ - English . Practice these MCQ questions and answers for preparation of various competitive and entrance exams. Answer: Option A Explanation : No answer description available for this question. An assembly … A page fault occurs ? A. when the page is not in the memory: B. when the page is in the memory : C. when the process enters the blocked state: D. when the process is in the ready state - Answer&Explanation. A directory of Objective Type Questions covering all the Computer Science subjects. A. A page fault occurs when a program attempts to access data or code that is in its address space, but is not currently located in the system RAM. Which of the following will determine your choice of systems software for your … b)Page hit c)Page miss d)Page fault Answer d)Page fault. Magnetising inrush phenomena occur in. Large transformer primary only, when the transformer is switched on. 2.a process is copied into the main memory from the secondary memory a) Swapping b) Paging c) Segmentation d) Demand paging Answer d) demand paging. So when page fault occurs then following sequence of events happens : The computer hardware traps to the kernel and program counter (PC) is saved on the stack. Discussion Board: computer science mcqs i am interest in learning ubaidullah 03-15-2019 04:42 AM Explanation- An interrupt that occurs when a program requests data … Basic Computer Fundamental Introduction to Windows Basic DOS Commands Elements of Word Processing Spreadsheets Computer … C. Large transformer secondary only when the transformer is switched on in … operating system questions answers mcq set 2 listing is useful for it officer bank exam, ssc, ibps, upsc and other information technology related online exam and interview preparation - question 3637 A page fault occurs when a) the Deadlock happens b) the Segmentation starts c) the page is found in the memory d) The page is not found in the memory. Quiz of this Question When a page fault occurs before an executing instruction is complete : the instruction must be restarted the instruction must be ignored the instruction must be completed ignoring the page fault none of the mentioned. Options - The page is corrupted by application software - The page is in main memory - The page is not in main memory - One tries to divide a number by 0 CORRECT ANSWER : The page is not in main memory. Here you can access and discuss Multiple choice questions and answers for various compitative exams and interviews. Page fault occurs when. 3. Large transformer primary when a 3-phase fault occurs in the secondary. Operating System Objective type Questions and Answers. B. Current instruction state information is saved in CPU registers. Page fault occurs when (A) When a requested page is in memory (B) When a requested page is not in memory (C) When a page is currupted (D) When an exception is thrown Answer: (B) Explanation: Page fault occurs when a requested page is mapped in virtual address space but not present in memory. View Answer.