Mid to high … All of these mics are used by professional drummers and musicians. Overall, the mics were designed to professionally capture sound and they are highly recommended for professional settings. Next up is the Shure SM57-LC dynamic microphone that has become one of the most popular overhead mics in the world. If you already have any of these overhead drum mics, leave your thoughts and opinions below to help other users make their decision more easily! Even so, they will deliver decent results for the money. In fact, one of them is being used in the White House as well. Overhead Mic Placement-Left to Right. As always, make sure to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about the products we included in this list. Overall, this set is extremely valuable considering the fact that you get a variety of mics at a great price. The set includes a kick mic, a snare mic, three tom mics, and two overhead condenser mics. The mic includes an attached XLR cable that is 25 feet long. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. While the quality of instruments that are being used is highly important for the overall outcome, you must not forget that the recording equipment needs to be top-notch as well. This item generates studio quality sounds over your kit. Required fields are marked *. You could start by simply centering the overhead mics over the drum kit using an X/Y or ORTF pair (note: my first choice for this task is a large diaphragm cardioid condenser so that mic … The list includes some of the finest pieces of recording equipment used in the music industry. CAD AUDIO STAGE 7 PREMIUM 7-PIECE DRUM PACK: The CAD Stage7 is a seven-piece drum mic pack that includes one D10 cardioid dynamic mic, three D29 dynamic tom mics, one D19 dynamic snare drum mic, and 2 C9 instrument condensers for high hats, cymbals or overheads. Thus, the mic will capture the sounds made by the drum from above, allowing the player to deliver his performance without any impediments. However, not all microphones make the best overhead drum mics … Each mic comes with integrated clips. TheSoundFusion.Com Is A Partner In The Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, An Affiliate Advertising Program Designed To Provide A Means For Sites To Earn Advertising Fees By Advertising And Linking To Amazon.Com. An overhead drum mic is one of the most used mics for this kind of instrument because they can be installed over the head of the player or height of the drum. The frequency response ranges from 50Hz to 18 000 Hz. Once you’re done, leave a comment below and let us know which mic you opted for! Therefore, there is no doubt that these products offer the top quality when it comes to drum recording. The drum mics that are right above the drums as you beat them are known as overhead mics or generically drum overheads. Some drummers also like to call the stands which hold these mics as overheads, but that is rare. I am an IBM Certified Software Engineer. Keep in mind that this is one of the most versatile overhead mics on the market because it provides rich and clean vocal recording capabilities, as well as great frequencies for instrument recording. The set includes a kick mic, a snare mic, three tom mics, and two overhead condenser mics. The set includes one big drum mic, four small drum mics, two condenser mics with holders, four-thread clips and inserts, four clamps for snare and tom mics, and two windscreens for condenser mics. Thus, some of these items are actually sets of several mics that will have the entire band covered while recording. These high-quality microphones are suitable for professional recording of drumming sessions. What’s great about these mics is that they can be set up very easily and adjusted with one hand. When it comes to physical features, the microphone portrays the classic superior Shure design and it is highly durable in terms of construction.