Sending power to Edgewater but convincing Reed to stepdown resulted in 4% positive Board reputation and 2% negative reputation. But the Spacefarer corporation don’t seem like very nice people, and Edgewater is a town in complete disarray almost to the point of no return. In the sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds, explore the furthest reaches of space and encounter a host of factions all vying for power. He’ll find that solution actually quite brilliant and he’ll admit her better qualifications for the post. It’s being run by an administrator who is a company man through and through; Tobson enacts Spacefarer policy to the letter of the law, and although he genuinely does want his town to prosper, he’s stubbornness is causing major problems for all its citizens. [3] The situation has led many of Edgewater's residents to desert the town, several joining a growing camp of Deserters led by former saltuna flavor specialist, Adelaide McDevitt, who are based at the Botanical Labs. The quest begins with Akande tasking the player with heading to Emerald Vale Geothermal Plant. It produces a synthetic canned food that feeds the rest of the solar system, and it’s all the town eats because Terra 2’s soil seemingly doesn’t allow for crop production. Perhaps The Outer Worlds’ most prominent feature is the way its branching dialog system allows players to shape the outcome of the story. First, let’s give a little context to this particular decision and remind ourselves of what potential consequences it might have on both Edgewater and your companions. 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 3 Quest Stages 4 Notes Edgewater has become a leech on the colony's dwindling resources. Game Guide & Walkthrough for The Outer Worlds. Here’s our opinion on whether to redirect power to Edgewater or Deserters on Outer Worlds‘ first planet, Terra 2. 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In The Outer Worlds' Comes Now the Power quest you have the choice to redirect power to Edgewater or the Deserters. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out our extensive guide wiki. The abandoned parts of Edgewater outside the wall. *spoilers*". Led by a lady named Adelaide, the deserters have left Edgewater and set up camp elsewhere calling it Botanical. This guide shows you the consequences of your actions. Tobson so that it forces the deserters in Botanical to return to Edgewater and provide some much-needed man-power to increase the town’s efficiency, and Adelaide because she wants to see Tobson and company-adhering personal in Edgewater suffer and be forced to abandon Edgewater once and for all. Home » Guides » Outer Worlds: Redirect Power to Edgewater or Deserters? Edgewater is a Spacer's Choice company town located in the Emerald Vale on the planet Terra 2. GAME DEALSGet Twitch Prime For Free Right Now and get in-game items, rewards, and free games. That’s an option, of course, but it’s not a pleasant or necessary one. This will lead into one of two Board story quests: Foundation (if Adelaide is leader of Edgewater and you are doing Long Distance after Radio Free Monarch), ... For more The Outer Worlds guides and walkthroughs check out our guides page. When the Stranger arrives in Edgewater, the town is … The secret is using human corpses as nutrients for the soil, but it also requires a portion of the generator’s power that sustains Edgewater. The town is split between the healthy and those who have contracted a plague and are condemned to isolation. The Outer Worlds: Edgewater vs Botanical Choices and Consequences Save the Botanical Lab versus Edgewater is the first of many moral choices in the Outer Worlds. Edgewater is a troubled town. That sounds like a tough ask, initially, without causing a huge stir by simply walking into Tobson’s office and blowing his brains out. Leader(s) At first glance, it sounds as though Adelaide is being a little too over the top — almost sinisterly so. A view of the Edgewater landing pad and the. Edgewater If you go forward with either of these you will have to kill a lot of people, and it will piss off your companions and the other factions in the process. Here's our opinion on whether to divert power to the deserters or Edgewater on The Outer Worlds' first planet, Terra 2, and what consequences it has. Wipe out Edgewater completely, and that will be less resources being leeched from the Board. The Outer Worlds Tips & Missables Guide October 26, 2019 by Gage 32 Comments The following guide for The Outer Worlds will outline some general gameplay tips, along with a general progression route for the story in order to get almost all missable trophies / achievements in one playthrough of the story with a bit of reloading saves.