Their refrigerators are free from Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that damage the Ozone Layer. Orient fridges are free of CFCs, which damage our ozone layer and also have less noise, which makes your kitchen or room environment calm. Side by side, which are 20.0 - 29.0 cubic feet wide. Orient refrigerators have all the qualities mentioned above and features that make them different from other companies, and people attract more towards it and give them priority over others. This is an excellent refrigerator for larger kitchens where there is plenty of space to work with. Want to know which is best refrigerator in pakistan 2020 with reviews and best fridge in pakistan. They are available in multiple colors and have a smooth metallic body that looks stylish and modern. Orient's first refrigerator with inbuilt LED Tv has recently been launched by Mr. Talat who named it as "An entertainer refrigerator ". ... Summary of Latest Orient Fridge in Pakistan November 2020 . Apart from our unbeatable mini fridges price in Pakistan we have listed top selling brand models include the Orient, Dawlance, PEL, Samsung, Haier, jeeps and many more popular manufacturers. The collected prices were … Showing you 69 Orient Fridge Prices in Pakistan. This is a very popular refrigerator style because of its convenience and extra features. It has many good features that attract the customers towards itself. This list also include best refrigerator price in pakistan latest and fridge prices. Orient is a Leading Home Appliances Brand in Pakistan offering range of Electronics including AC, LED TV, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven & Water Dispenser! It has made its name because of its storage space, which is very spacious as compared to its competitors. One should check its features, whether it has adjustable shelves or not, to adjust the tall things in the fridge. Shop for best price Refrigerator in Pakistan, wide range of variety available for Refrigerators, fridges & freezers backed up with 10 Years warranty. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. Copyright © 2020 Pakistani Stores. i like Orient Fridge in black more than blue.. They also provide Scratch-free Glassdoor refrigerators with beautiful designs. Nowadays, glass doors have also been introduced, which gives a new and stylish look to the refrigerators. It was originally a distributor of appliances for popular brands such as Mitsubishi and now manufactures appliances under its brand name, which is a great achievement for it. 30,000. Orient Refrigerator Price in Pakistan - Latest Nov, 2020 Prices. It uses UV-light protection that makes sure that no bacteria enter your food, and you stay healthy because it provides bacteria-free stored food and with that long-lasting food preservation as well. Bottom Freezers, which are 19.0 - 24.9 cubic feet wide. Orients Refrigerators have a high reputation, well-known all-over Pakistan. This structure is supported by adjustable shelves with multiple grooves that allow customers to utilize maximum space and store as much as they want. They have compelled and excelled themselves in all the electronics and products that they are making as they put their heart and soul into their items just so that they can provide their customers with the best of everything in which they are investing their money. Orient Refrigerators also have a rubber outlining on their doors and compartment boxes. One of the biggest advantages of buying this Orient refrigerator is aids copper tubes, which are specially designed to perform the functionality of sucking the moisture inside the refrigerator. 47 items - Dawlance Refrigerators Prices in Pakistan as on Apr 29, 2019. This grand series Orient refrigerator is made up of the latest technology and specially designed with an elegant look. Top Freezers, which are 14.5 - 24 cubic feet wide. It has a series of LVC plus installed in it. It offers instant cooling, and what is the best thing about this refrigerator is its coolest temperature, which is minus 28 degrees. It provides the best qualities a refrigerator should have in order to make the life of people easy. If you need a small space for extra freezing, then it will be an ideal option for you. 182 results for Orient Refrigerators from 8 online stores.Orient Refrigerators price in pakistan ranges from Rs.30,000 to Rs.66,500 with an estimated average price of Rs. Therefore, there is no need for a stabilizer. They come with amazing sleek design and state of the art cooling technique. It has a feature of optimal cooling retention, which keeps the food frozen even without electricity. Orient provides all the four types of doors. This type of refrigerator is split down the middle as the name suggests with side by side doors. This Orient refrigerator has a special type of German compressor, which not only helps to preserve food in the long run, but it is also very effective in saving electricity. Its finishing and design should be checked. Long-Lasting Freshness: Orient Refrigerators help you lead a healthy lifestyle by protecting your food from bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. They even have an anti-bacterial gasket that is also easy-to-clean. As for the conclusion, Orient refrigerators are one of the most renowned refrigerators because of their modern technology compressors and good overall performance. It is an extremely effective refrigerator because of its low usage of voltage, and it also helps to save electricity. Energy-Efficient Cooling: Orient provides budget-friendly refrigerators without compromising quality. The collected prices were updated on Sept. 18, 2020, 3:12 p.m. Every time this company comes up with new innovation and technology which attracts more people to buy it. It is classified as a 13 cubic feet refrigerator, which is equipped with a modern technology compressor. This 470-liter diamond Orient refrigerator is considered as one of the most spacious refrigerators in this diamond series. purposes The built-in UV light protection in Orient Refrigerators ensures prolonged freshness by killing all the airborne germs. Find Latest Models, Best Prices, Genuine Products, Top Stores for Dawlance Refrigerators in Pakistan. Its price starts at 30K, which is quite reasonable for the people. This 350-litter refrigerator offers you at least 20 minutes of extremely instant freeze and start-up 200 Volt with very low voltage. Orient fridges must be used in all homes because they are highly efficient for food storage and preservation. They are available not only in a different range of prices but in a different range of capabilities as well across Pakistan. It is built and assembled on the European principles and is now bringing a positive change in all the lives around it and making use of it. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation. A person should keep a few things in mind while buying a refrigerator. The best price of Orient Fridge in Pakistan is Rs.38,988 and the lowest price found is Rs.21,499. They have a 360-degree cooling system. The 49,832 This grand series Orient refrigerator has a minus 28 degrees centigrade as it is cooling temperature. only. These rubber linings prevent the bacteria and fungi from breaking into the compartments and keeps them air-tight to ensure long-lasting cooling and freshness. The best price of Room fridge in Pakistan is Rs.47,565 and the lowest price found is Rs.22,999. It normally operates on low voltage, which is extremely effective in saving electricity and comes with almost 10 years of warranty. Most of the functions and features of this refrigerator are dedicated to modern technology with an extremely bigger space for shelf and multiple compartments inside the refrigerator. This 350-liter Orient refrigerator has one of the thickest doors with isolation, and that is the reason for its resistance against any kind of weather. , Among which stainless steel tops the chart. They introduce efficient and eco-friendly designs, including various colors as well, for example, red, black, silver, grey, etc. There are four types of doors according to the capacity. Common models available in Pakistan are Orient Refrigerator OR-68750 Ice Pearl, Orient Refrigerator OR-68635 GD, Orient Refrigerator OR-6057 Glance and Orient Refrigerator OR-6047 Glance. Being one of the most reliable diamond series Orient refrigerator, it comes with almost 10 years warranty of advanced compressor and one year of warranty for the parts of the refrigerator. It has one of the most advanced gas kits, which not only helps to keep the food fresh but is also very effective in maintaining a balanced temperature inside the refrigerator. The uniform 360-degree cooling system incorporated in Orient Refrigerators conserves the energy and retains the cooling for hours even after power breakdowns. Some of them are: It works on voltage as low as 135V, which prevents it from short circuits. It annually saves up to 23% of electricity. Orient Refrigerators are designed to maximize the storage space as well as the life of the refrigerator. This is because of its Japanese style of the compressor, which is not only durable and long-lasting but also saves electricity. The collected prices were updated on Nov. 24, 2020, 12:01 p.m. This diamond Orient refrigerator has a special type of access control, which helps you to set up the temperature of the refrigerator and ultimately helps you to preserve your food and beverages with ease.