British Medical Journal. Ethics Analysis Paper Ethical Issues Related to Organ Donations In 1983 Dr H Barry Jacobs, a physician from Virginia, whose medical license had been revoked after a conviction for Medicare mail-fraud, founded International Kidney Exchange, Ltd. Ethical Issues In Health Care Essay 1072 Words | 5 Pages. 2. 2015. Some different opinions have come about regarding organ transplants: if the patient is brain dead or they went through cardiac death, should the organs be available to […] 24 In Canada, a donation physician is the intensive care unit physician who is an expert in organ donation. In this article, I'll explore two basic issues: how death is defined and who makes decisions for potential organ donors who haven't made their wishes known. 1. The organ shortage is one of the most pressing concerns facing the transplantation community, and the gap between supply and demand continues to widen [1]. Organ Shortage Crisis: Problems and Possible Solutions. According to Shaw (2011), organ transfer raises several ethical and emotional issues, especially in discussions around anonymity protocol. 3. Abadie A, Gay S. The impact of presumed consent legislation on cadaveric organ donation: A cross-country study. The Ethical Ethics Of Organ Donation And Transplantation 1313 Words | 6 Pages. They take something from one persons life to save anothers. AS NURSES, WE FACE TOUGH ethical dilemmas as we provide end-of-life care, especially when our patients are candidates for organ donation. It turns people into potential banks that can be robbed at a moment’s notice—and indeed some are. Ethical Issues in Healthcare There are many ethical issues facing health care at any time and it is impossible to say definitively which is the most pressing or the most important. It has also led to the practice of organ sale by entrepreneurs for financial gains in some parts the world through exploitation of the poor, for the benefit of the wealthy. These events have raised many ethical, moral and societal issues regarding supply, the methods of organ allocation, the use of living donors as volunteers including minors. An average of 22 people die daily in the United States awaiting lifesaving organs of all types [2]. The potential for ethical conflicts in the roles of the “donation physician” was the nidus for the development of the ethics guide recommendations endorsed by the Canadian Medical Association. Organ donation started in the 1930’s, when people volunteered their organs to help other people who needed organs. Opt-out system for organ donation is well intentioned but misguided. Abouna GM. Transplantation Proceedings 2008;40(1):34-8. Organ donation and transplantation is a surgical process started by removing the donated organ and placing it into another body. Excerpt from Essay : The concept of organs as commodities is one that sets a dangerous precedent for humankind.