On the other hand a palm sander is a ¼ inch sheet sander with rectangular base. It has a passive dust collection system which you can use with your vacuum cleaner, so dust clean up isn’t a problem. They’re normally square shaped – this means that they can deal with corners and edges with ease. 00 / each. These are orbital sanders that are powered by compressed air. You can use it with all sorts of projects and with many different types of sanders. A sander will allow you to shape wood, remove paint and varnish, and create a smooth finish. Whether the project involves building chairs, tables, cabinets, etc., you will eventually have to bust out the sander. Unlike palm grip sanders, it is difficult to apply constant pressure on a pistol grip sander due to its design. Orbital sanders is a great brand, and they’ve produced a solid palm sander here. You can get vacuum systems with palm sanders, too. They can also be used on curved pieces or rounded edges. The lower the number, the larger the grain – this will mean the sandpaper is much coarser. This is a little finer – this is great for sanding unfinished or untreated wood. MAKITA 18V Cordless Random Orbit Sander (Tool Only) (21) $149 . You’ll be getting through a lot of it, however! The 2.3-amp motor is a good amount of power for most projects. However, the downside to cordless models is that you need to remember to charge the batteries between uses. This avoids gouging (removing too much material from one spot). You can lock your vacuum hose up to the sander to remove dust. Compare. In terms of power sander, a palm sander is a little more gentle than an orbital sander. Here are a few of the most common questions about palm sanders: You can, in theory. The front handle is adjustable, meaning you can rotate and change its position when you sand corners and hard-to reach spots. They are comparatively cheaper. Some people use orbital sanders as polishers, by attaching polishing cloths to the bottom – there are tutorials online to show you how to do it. RYOBI 2.6 Amp 5-inch Random Orbital Sander (876)-Add To Cart. You will be able to smooth out your furniture parts fast and finish larger areas without uneven surfaces. Can you use an orbital sander on hardwood flooring? What Sander is Best for Drywall? What Sander is Best for …,  Variable speed dial (4,000–12,000 OPM). You want a dust bag with a good seal on it – check the reviews to see what others think of this. This is why you should use an orbital sander over belt sander for finishing the wood. The sandpaper gets minimum built-up and works long without the need to clean or change the paper often. They may also offer filters and sealed switches, to stop the dust from getting into the mechanism and shortening the life of the sander. One of the main drawbacks of a palm sander is the dust collection system – they don’t tend to be as robust when it comes to dust collection. Add To Cart. How much should I spend on an orbital sander? So, if you are planning on using your orbital sander for small projects primarily (like sanding small furniture or small parts of drywall), then you should consider getting a palm grip orbital sander. The Main Differences Between Orbitals vs Palm Sanders are: Those are the basic differences – now let’s take a look at each type in more detail. View Details. If you do any work with wood at all, at some point, you’re going to need a sander. The disadvantage is of course the electric cord causing disturbance and safety concerns. They’ve also included a dust boot over the switch to stop it from getting into the mechanism. Black Oxide vs Titanium Drill Bits: What’s the Difference? One of the more important features to look for is speed control. A palm sander is designed to be used for final sanding. The common uses for the 100-150 are removing stains and sanding wood – it’s pretty versatile. It provides a good balance and helps to apply pressure evenly while moving the sander on the work surface. Many power tools have interchangeable batteries, allowing you to use the same battery in multiple tools – this could be something to look out for if you’re collecting tools by the same brand. They are also known as sheet sander. A palm sander (also called a finish sander) may have a similar action to a random orbital sander, … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some of the links on this sites are affiliate links #ad. In a random orbital sander, the sanding pad vibrated or moves in small orbits and at the same time the round sanding head revolves around the axis of the sander. Although it’s on the pricier side at around $250, this model by Bosch is great because it offers you so much flexibility. They are good for spot sanding and polishing auto body bumpers, doors etc. Corded models may be a little more powerful, too, so bear this in mind as you’re looking at different models. Like anything, however, you can choose to go for the cheapest budget model or splash out on a model that comes with a lot of extra touches. If you have ever used a sander before, then you know just how much sawdust is produced when you use a sander. So, having a good sander is vital for home projects and home repair. If you’re renovating your home and you have tons of tasks to complete, or you’re a woodworking enthusiast, and you love to build furniture as a hobby, then you’ll probably get much more use out of an orbital sander. Once you’ve measured and cut your sandpaper to the correct size, you simply open the clamp lock, place the paper inside, and tighten the clamp lock again. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Any more powerful than 3.0 amps, and you’ll be paying extra for something you potentially don’t need. View Details. Finishing sander is used to reach tricky corners and edges. A palm sander isn’t the kindest sanding tool for arthritic hands, sadly. Its compactness paired with the triangular sanding pad makes it a great tool to use when sanding curves and edges. The large orbital sander works on a … You can get a few different kinds of handles on orbital sanders. By using a random pattern, random orbital sanders can avoid creating these sanding spots or swirl marks. But what really makes this sander special is the addition of extra front-handle. There are larger orbital sanders (for example, 1/2 Sheet), which are not considered as palm sanders. Rikon 10-326 Review: Specifications, Pros and Cons. Again, look for a model that has sealed switches and filters to protect the sander from dust. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Looking forward to buy a new belt sander? Not only does it make your orbital sander more versatile, but it will also prevent the orbital sander’s motor from burning out quickly. It has a triangular base and is good for less common shapes. You’ll normally use this with a heavy duty sanding tool, like belt sanders. They are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Most power tools manufacturers make random orbital sanders. They’ve included a counterweight to reduce vibration, and they’ve clearly thought about dust collection. By palm grip, I mean random orbital sander with a palm grip. Both Orbital vs Palm Sander are well-loved and heavily used by anyone from a DIY enthusiast, to a newbie house renovator, to a seasoned woodworker. This is brilliant in terms of keeping costs down. These are lightweight air tools that you often see at automotive repair shops. The adjustable D-handle can be completely removed as well. In addition to that, if you are in a place where an electric plug point is far, you have to use extensions which may result in additional safety issues. Orbital sanders are great for working with baseboards, stairs, or anything that has corners that another type of sander may have difficulty reaching. The most commonly used size is known as a ‘quarter sheet sander’ because it’s the size of a quarter of a sheet of sandpaper. The palm grip random orbital sander is the most widely sander for woodworking and finishing. Corded vs Cordless Drills – Which One Should You Buy? Do not remove and reattach the sandpaper often. A random orbital sander is a medium-size, general-purpose sander. If you are planning on using the sander for a long period of time, a trigger lock is essential; as it allows you to continue working without keeping your finger on the trigger. Going at a slower pace may be useful if you’re working on a particularly tricky area and you want greater control, but a faster pace will obviously enable you to work much more quickly – so having the choice will make the tool much more versatile. But a random orbital sander has no pattern, thus why the word “random” is used. Belt Sander vs Orbital Sander: Which is Best? The extra handle in the front provides a balanced grip. Some models have adjustable speed control settings. The smaller size is better for more detailed work, whereas the larger size is better for bigger surface areas. The most common one is the pneumatic random orbital sander with a pistol grip. It’s best to set out your budget and then try to find a model that fits around that. They’ve included a counterweight to reduce vibration, and they’ve clearly thought about dust collection. If you want to work on smaller projects, or you don’t see yourself using a sander very often, a palm sander could be a great choice. Many people use it on window frames as it allows you to reach into difficult spaces.