The mission of MGSA is to: Create a successful pipeline of minority graduate students. Student Consumer Information The RPI Juggling Club meets weekly in the Greenidge Cage at the '87 Gym (see website for current times). The purpose of the Hawaii Club is to perpetuate and share the Hawaii experience, including traditions, history and the unique island culture with the RPI community. Though student groups outside of Rensselaer Union may not be assigned a SARP, student organizations registered with the institute may still seek out these individuals for help and guidance from Rensselaer Union staff. Normally, we have two outside-RPI tournaments per year in Rochester and New Jersey to let our players gain more experiences from competitive games. Standing joint committee of the student government. Red & White members serve as ambassadors for Rensselaer and represent the university to its constituency - alumni, the campus and the community. We are a part of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and provide the only design/build competition specifically relevant to ChemEs, although what we do is still relevant to other majors who should definitely join if interested! Creative Space to provide a fun, collaborative work environment and eventually, tools for club use. Above all, the Alliance shall serve to (1) uplift the conscious awareness of the Black Student, politically, culturally, and intellectually, (2) to champion, in order to insure, for the rights of Black students and our community, and (3) to be a guiding and uniting force for the Black Student on campus and the surrounding community. Classes are offered weekly throughout the academic year in ballet, modern, tap, jazz and hip hop. The Rensselaer Electric Vehicle (REV) is a multidisciplinary organization focused on designing, building, and racing a full-scale electric powered vehicle. We race the first five weekends of the spring semester and practice two nights a week during this period. We do this through 4 basic pillars:1. The RPI Spaceflight Society shall exist to promote the exploration and development of space, through educating people about the benefits of space, by supporting a network of interested students, by providing an opportunity for members to develop their leadership skills, and by inspiring people through involvement in space-related projects. Chi Epsilon fosters the development and exercise of sound traits of character and ability among civil engineers, always seeking higher standards of professional service. In addition, retreats and service activities occur on various weekends throughout the semester. Along with weight training, proper nutrition and other exercise techniques must be implemented, in order to achieve the maximum benefit from lifting. Rensselaer Union and RPI Athletics launched Virtual Event Management System in Fall 2014. We are dedicated to the creative and intellectual development of future rocket scientists through the NASA University Student Launch Initiative competition. The Rensselaer Student Auto Shop (RSAS) is a self-service facility, open to the RPI community. Our mission is to provide services to students that will foster personal and career development in a friendly environment. This society was to exist within the ideals of Omega Chi Epsilon and from which receive a charter. The club provides a support network on campus and with the surrounding community. As a branch of student government, it receives its authorities from the Rensselaer Union Constitution ( For Rensselaer Union organizations with physical spaces (offices, storage spaces, etc.) Food Recovery Network is a national nonprofit that unites students at colleges and universities to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campus dining halls and donating it to those in need.