This basic objective can be elaborated into the following larger objectives of managerial economics: 1. Its main objective is to solve different problems of the business by analyzing variant business situations and the factors that contributes in a environment in which the business operates. It deals with the use of economic concepts and principles of business decision making. To start with, managerial economics provides a logical and experiential framework for analyzing the question. Similarly, managerial economics provides production and marketing rules that permit the company to maximize net profits once it has achieved growth or market share objectives. Further, Managerial economics deals with the cost estimates that are helpful for management decisions. On examining this matter, managerial economics seems like science, because it also has rules and principles. In order to achieve this objective, a managerial executive has to take recourse in decision making, which is the process of selecting a specified course of action from a number of alternatives. It makes use of economic theory and concepts. Managerial Economics Is a Tool for Improving Management Decision Making. Business Planning: Managerial economics assists business organizations in formulating plans and better decision making.It helps in analyzing the demand and forecasting future business activities. Managerial economics serves several purposes in business decision-making. Managerial economics applies microeconomic theories and techniques to management decisions. Managerial Economics can be defined as amalgamation of economic theory with business practices so as to ease decision-making and future planning by management. Managerial economics is a science that deals with the application of various economics theories, principles, concepts and techniques to business management in order to solve business and management problems It deals with the practical application of economic theory and methodology to decision-making problems faced by private, public and non profit making organizations.. The basic objective of managerial economics is facilitating formulation of appropriate policies and strategies. Importance of Managerial Economics: The main objective of any business organization is to earn maximum profit. The economics, managerial economics and the micro-economics of the firm are related to the theory which can be applied to the business. It is more limited in scope as compared to microeconomics. It properly analyses and decides production activities and the cost associated with them. The ordering knowledge is called science, in which rules are made and the truth of the rules is examined. Managerial Economics assists the managers of a firm in a rational solution of obstacles faced in the firm’s activities. Importance of Managerial Economics: Business and industrial enterprises aim at earning maximum proceeds. As a Science. Uses of Managerial Economics in Business Decision Making. Managerial economics is a discipline which deals with the application of economic theory to business management. Using economics tools to analyze business situations 3. Macroeconomics deals with the performance, structure, and behavior of an economy as a whole. For achieving this objective, an organization needs to ensure the effectiveness of its decision making process. Managerial economics is a study of application of managerial skills in economics,more over it help to find problems or obstacles in the business and provide solution for those problems.problems may be relating to costs, prices, forecasting the future market ,human resource management, profits etc. Formerly it was known as “Business Economics” but the term has now been discarded in favour of Managerial Economics.. So, To know the nature of managerial economics, it is important to know whether it is science or art or both. More to the point, it is important for a manager to undertake production analysis and to determine economic cost with the objective of profit planning and cost control processes. Cost Control: Controlling the cost is another important role played by managerial economics. Integrating economic theory with business practice 2. managerial economics is an applied specialty of this branch.