In the final year, students take the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam (KCPE). Find, share and use humanitarian data all in one place. In recent years, due to higher demand for university places, the minimum average threshold for guaranteed entry to a public university has been raised to a B, although the threshold is expressed as a combined 8-subject overall points score – where individual subject grades are converted to points – rather than an average grade. Updated March 20, 2020 | Dataset date: Nov 4, 2019 This dataset updates: Never. This particular diploma was issued when it was a university college. In 2003, the government of Kenya instituted a free primary education for all program, and then did the same for secondary education in 2008. The Ministry of Educations' - Basic Education Statistical Booklet captures national statistics for the Education Sector in totality. Some universities also offer one-year postgraduate diplomas to holders of bachelor degrees with lower divisional grades. Out of all children in Kenya, about 85 per cent attend primary school. The student’s overall result was a Pass, which is the lowest passing division. A final grade of C+ is required for university entry, although higher scores are required for some public universities. 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Thirty subjects are currently offered at the academic secondary level, grouped into six learning areas: In the first two years of secondary education, students take as many as 13 subjects. Use group message to communicate and collaborate with other members of your organisation. Transparency International. Students sit for a minimum of eight subjects at the end of Form Four for the award of KCSE. Less than 50 percent of primary school students continue on to secondary school. Kenya - Number of secondary school teachers per county in Kenya, Teacher_by_Status_and_County_for_Secondary.csv, Creative Commons Attribution International, Follow the latest changes to data, locations, organisations, topics and crises, Add data visualizations as gallery items alongside datasets, You need to be affiliated with an organization to access these features. These are categorized into four areas—national, provincial, district, and harambee. Geography / Agriculture 2. For an overview of the development of the university system see: Iruonagbe, C.T . Students who perform well gain admission into national secondary schools, while those with average scores attend provincial schools. The transcript also offers a key to the grading system used, which is the most common grading scale seen in Kenya. It has been extracted from the Ministry of Educations' - Basic Education Statistical Booklet which captures national statistics for the Education Sector in totality. Click on the verification email we sent to: Want to improve your data skills? In 2003, primary school in Kenya was made free, which helped increase enrollment, however attending school is not mandatory. [DATASET] Kenya - Number of secondary school teachers per county in Kenya, [{"date": "2020-06-08", "value": 16}, {"date": "2020-06-15", "value": 9}, {"date": "2020-06-22", "value": 15}, {"date": "2020-06-29", "value": 9}, {"date": "2020-07-06", "value": 17}, {"date": "2020-07-13", "value": 8}, {"date": "2020-07-20", "value": 13}, {"date": "2020-07-27", "value": 9}, {"date": "2020-08-03", "value": 6}, {"date": "2020-08-10", "value": 16}, {"date": "2020-08-17", "value": 6}, {"date": "2020-08-24", "value": 14}, {"date": "2020-08-31", "value": 12}, {"date": "2020-09-07", "value": 14}, {"date": "2020-09-14", "value": 6}, {"date": "2020-09-21", "value": 14}, {"date": "2020-09-28", "value": 10}, {"date": "2020-10-05", "value": 4}, {"date": "2020-10-12", "value": 8}, {"date": "2020-10-19", "value": 6}, {"date": "2020-10-26", "value": 7}, {"date": "2020-11-02", "value": 7}, {"date": "2020-11-09", "value": 10}, {"date": "2020-11-16", "value": 10}, {"date": "2020-11-23", "value": 3}]. Growth in the university sector has largely come about through the upgrade of already existing colleges.