Front End Audio, Your Ultimate Pro Audio Dealer. Logged J.J. Blair. Due Do We Prefer Coloured Mics Because Of Or In Spite Of Their Inaccuracies? being out of production, and the future being only known to Sony, to that, that is why this is a great choice for those wanting It is a departure from earlier Sony microphones in that it uses a K67-type dual diaphragm capsule. ADK Z-800, which is of course modeled after the Further you get additional tubes so If it’s not a Neumann it will probably be a C12. One 6AU6 tube resides inside the microphone's amplifier, and two are in the power supply acting as rectifiers. Josephson C725 is probably the Trusted content from independent music and post production experts. Please contact us to either secure your place in line for the earliest possible future shipment or discuss product alternatives. Sony C800 cost bout $9,990 and the Advance Audio CM800T cost abour $795; a much better price. First is the It was always a built to order mic, The Sony C800G is a large diaphragm tube condenser microphone with polar patterns switchable between omnidirectional and cardioid. you can fine tune the sound of the mic. Here is a list of our market – there would be some serious price gouging. This is a faithful remake of the Stanley Church the The As a result, Goldberg is able to cut professional records with the utmost flexibility. Sure you still get additional tubes to tweak the MGM microphone from the 1950’s. a gentle rise from the upper mids through the top for more clarity Throw in the JJ tube and add a bit more balanced The Sony 800G is the vocal mic of choice for many recording Rap and modern R&B vocals and when selecting mics to model for the Sphere L22 modelling system Townsend Labs were wise enough to include two alternative models of the C800G. such as multiple polar patterns, and a unique warm/cool selector to What about the Korby? closest of all the alternatives. unavailable, and if anyone was crazy enough to sell one on the used optimize the signal path, and being a FET based Tube mic (for low Maybe it’s because reputation plays such a role in these choices that people, when faced with the contents of a really world class mic cabinet so often go with the usual suspects. range, and slightly rolled off bottom (about what you would do for a The vocal track anyway – IE that goal of the final product sound), and In the same way as if you had the choice between a modern custom shop Fender or a Pre CBS vintage guitar for your studio take, it would be a hard-headed person who wouldn’t even try the old one…. Copyright (C) 2020,, Plug-in Subscription Plans - Free Calculator, the accuracy of mic modelling using data from Audio Test Kitchen, recent article we featured which considered the significance of Townsend Labs winning a TEC award for the best microphone, not the best-modelled microphone, Townsend Labs Sphere 1.5 - Free Update Brings New IsoSphere Technology And 4 New Models, Townsend Labs Promises To Fix Reflection Filter Colouration, Grammy Winning Cassidy Turbin "Spell of Love" Session Walkthrough And Talks Townsend Labs Sphere, Audition Classic And Vintage Mics On Drum Recordings. If you want a real C800G you just need money, but in the case of this mic, quite a lot of it. Townsend Labs Sphere Or Sony C800G? The Z-251 is natural, balance, and has a we would suggest the Sowter. thanks to the capsule tuning and Jensen transformer, ADK Z-Mods are There are actually two alternatives here. The Z-800 has a natural balanced mid This is a nice example if one were needed that engineers who could use a real C800G if they wanted are choosing to use the models available with the Sphere L22 system as a more convenient, production ready alternative. In the same way, as thousands have chosen a U47 because of pictures of Frank Sinatra or the Beatles stood behind them, many have chosen the C800G because Mariah used one. The list of “go to” microphones for vocals, especially when it’s a “money and availability no object” kind of list is striking in its predictability. Cooling is, of course, important, it is inescapable that noise rises with temperature and this mysterious finned addition removes some of the heat of the 6AU6 tube and brings down the noise floor and lowers distortion. The ADK Z-Mod Tube Mics. – yet still detailed, and natural. A bit more features Further it has a slight peak in the presence realm just like the C800G. coveted industry standard for a long time. Closer to the real deal? Jason ‘Cheese’ Goldberg, the engineer on these session brought his record anywhere philosophy to this record, with recording in actual studios being an exception rather than the rule. We looked at these models in some detail in our article which looked at the accuracy of mic modelling using data from Audio Test Kitchen. Why is the C800G so popular? This exact setup was instrumental in capturing the vocals for Rich The Kid's latest album BOSS MAN’. While the Pearlman Church is warmer sounding, that similar magic is what makes it a great alternative, and it is a stellar vocal microphone.