In the night-time now And all my dreams have all gone to ground Where have you gone? Night Time Lullaby ..☽ ... Lullaby blue- Itou Kanako (Sub español + karaoke) by Chuki Sama. Songtexte zu Classical Night Time Lullabies von Smart Baby Lullaby sowie Lyrics, Übersetzungen & Hörproben findest du hier kostenlos. Lullaby Lyrics. Download Lyrics Angels full of love and light Come down around this house tonight As we sleep and as we dream Please hold us in your golden gleam. Lullaby and good night Now the daytime is over Time to slip up to your dreamland I will keep you safe and warm Lullaby and good night There is nothing to fear Lullaby and good night When you wake I’ll be near Lullaby and good night There is nothing to fear Lullaby and good night When you wake I’ll be near Find this Kidsongs Song in the Collections Below! Angels full of golden light Come down into our hearts tonight. Good Night Lyrics: Now it's time to say good night / Good night, sleep tight / Now the sun turns out his light / Good night, sleep tight / Dream sweet dreams for me (Dream sweet) / Dream sweet dreams “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” Lyrics With its images of stars and the night sky, along with the disappearing sun, this song is the perfect way to evoke sleep. As we dream and as we sleep Perfect for calming, sending to sleep and encouraging an early love for music Listen to this version of the lullaby by Jewel. Sing you a lullaby Every night Just shut your eyes We will be alright The stars in the sky The moon and the tide Your smile in the night When I sing you a lullaby Sleep, where have you gone? Print these lyrics. Baby Lullaby - Lullaby and Goodnight Lyrics. Lullaby lyrics for the best songs for babies from pre-term to toddler age. INSTRUMENTAL Lullaby, and good night, With pink roses bedight, With lilies o'erspread, Is my baby's sweet head. Lyrics and Background for A Nighttime Blessing Listen to Lullaby Audio Controls. HONEY (Lyrics) - BOBBY GOLDSBORO by TheMusic1022. 4:55. Lay you down now, and rest, 3:58. The lyrics to this classic — heard in day cares around the country — come from a poem by Jane Taylor that was written in 1806. Although the lyrics are more about waking up than going to bed, the sing-song rhythms of this little ditty make it a perfect baby lullaby.