In general, try to avoid bright lights in the background. This way, it will at least look a little more natural. But this is also one of the more challenging types of photography to get right. The majority of street photography at night will be handheld. edwin josé vega ramos. Once it gets dark in a city, the artificial lights come on and create the opportunity for some stunning shots. However, night city photography also has challenges, such as altered white balance, difficulty with exposures and lighting conditions. And then getting that moment of capture. Cities at night can look absolutely amazing after a downpour has left the roads wet and gleaming with columns of reflected light. Does your town have a night market? Josh Hild. Dark streets also work well, where there is only one source of light. Even if the person’s face dominates the image, and the background is dark, you still need context. It is especially crucial in street photography when you want to remain unnoticed. You can shoot in Aperture or Shutter Priority modes, which I often recommend during the day, but I often find Manual Mode to be ideal at night. What Light Sources Can You Use at Night? Introducing a flash may get you an image where available light can’t be found. The correct application of good photographic techniques is what photography is all about. You’d think that the best time to shoot portrait photography would be during the day. 1149 1115 104. Snow can render a city almost post-apocalyptic at night, blanketing everything and colored by the lights of storefronts and parking lamps. Hip photography describes a technique where you take a photo without using the viewfinder or LCD screen. Alley Street Night. So what lens will work well? You generally want your camera to be handheld. Night photography introduces many challenges that are easily avoided during the day, like noise, blurriness, and your camera’s hypersensitivity to movement. The warm conditions in your home can lead to condensation getting inside the camera body, not good for electronics. This part is about personal preference. You can gain natural well-lit photos. Check it out today! In the majority of cases, you’re not going to use a tripod for photographing the streets at nighttime. The contrast between the dark night skies and the crisp, piercing lights of a city can be quite stunning. This means observing the scene and the interactions among people. Let’s look at some of the better ones for this genre. 1. If you do decide to use flash this way, consider using off-camera flash. It’s difficult to say you have a street night photograph if your picture shows a person’s face. Neon signs and lights work well in adverse weather, like rain. People dress in their favorite outfits to go out. Most of us will live in or near a big city. How to Keep Safe During Street Photography, What is photojournalism and why is it different from documentary? Generally speaking, though, you should always look for the available night lights. Your kit lens won’t get the best result for night street photography. You can photograph at a lower ISO, or try to eliminate excessive noise in post-processing. 'RealVideo.RealVideo(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', Take care of this first before moving onto other factors. Are you a nighttime street photographer? It is allowing you to crop in, and adjust the tilt in post-processing if needed. However, night city photography also has challenges, such as altered white balance, difficulty with exposures and lighting conditions. Your main subject will determine the lighting it appears in. It’s vital you control the background of your photograph. Harrison Haines. Collection 55 Photos. 'RealPlayer.RealPlayer(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', And you’ll need to protect your camera. Low key means the majority of your photo will be underexposed, possibly black. It might be a side or rim light. It will also mean showing the wider scene around your subject. 'RealPlayer.RealPlayer(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', If there’s a busy road, or water that reflects the light, even better. You can also capture the city night scene well by using a time-lapse series of images. There are merits to each camera brand and the lenses that go with them. When using a tripod, you have complete freedom over your camera settings when shooting at night just as you would in bright sunlight. Now it’s all about getting that shutter speed high enough. This motion blur will give your pictures some dynamics. This will give your image more motion and story. This adds more context to your scene. In the case the photograph is staged, does it count as street photography anymore? How to Capture Better Storytelling Images, 11. Photographing in low light will invariably mean using a high ISO in order to get a good shutter speed for your photo. Night photography can be difficult at first. 1069 1054 168. You have two solutions here. It won’t leave your pictures full of digital noise. Then also go closer, or farther away from your main scene. There are many lenses, but here we’ll look at three. This could be used for interesting silhouettes and outlines. Aleksandar Pasaric. Nighttime is a great time for photography, particularly of areas that have artificial lighting. Instead, look to expose for around half a second, so you get some movement of people, and some static in your frame. If you use one of these and buy something, we make a little bit of money. city lights on mountain during night time. How to use and balance aperture, shutter speed, […] Then there are other techniques like shooting against the light to produce silhouettes. It’s best to avoid noise and add the grainy effect in post-processing if you want it. Josh Hild. If you're interested in either or both, you might have already asked yourself the same…, Photographing carnivals or events can be challenging. Aleksandar Pasaric. Using a flash for street photography is tricky. Yes and no. They can overpower your scene. Of course, having adequate insurance is the best idea, should you happen to be unlucky. Milky Way Galaxy Pictures: Stunning Views, London Wallpapers: 20 Awesome London Desktop Wallpaper Pictures, Lake Photography: 20 Pictures of Beautiful Lakes, Fresh Photography: 30 Refreshing Pictures to Inspire You, Brochure Design Inspiration: Minimalist Brochure …, 30 Spectacularly Painted Digital Environments. It should be common sense that you’ll need to visit the town centre with some life to get your nighttime cityscapes. You need a tripod or solid basebe… Clouds Hong Kong Night. What Equipment Do You Need for Night Street Photography? Do you have some photos you can share with us in the comments? When to Use Flash to Highlight Your Subject, 6. The advantage of this technique is that you’ll get much more natural photos. A fast lens is one that lets light quickly into the camera with a large aperture and large lens diameter. Sometimes the best shots can be had at ground level. 792 990 83. We have a great article on low light cameras you can check out here. It’s the appeal of capturing that right moment. The camera lens you use needs to be a fast prime lens. Be safe first and foremost. You and your personal wellbeing aren’t. Buildings Night Urban. You’ll need to wear the correct clothes for such conditions. It means taking the photo with your camera at your hip, where the composition isn’t certain. Check out this night city photography roundup, where you’ll see some incredibly city photographs taken at night. 821 836 90. If you expose too long, people will move, and this will likely mean they don’t appear in the picture. If so, how often do you go out to photograph? Your iPhone and Android phones are replaceable. Inclement weather can really add drama to a scene, whether that’s heavy rain or snow. Anywhere people gather is a potential place you can go to. Now that we’ve looked at the equipment, it’s time to think about the camera settings you’ll be using. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. 7,017 Free images of City Night. When there is snow or rain, you can use the available light to bring out the precipitation in the sky, attempt to backlight this for maximum effect. 'RealVideo.RealVideo(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', My love for documentary photography…, Aperture – Your aperture is going to be large, but depending on the available light, you might be able to adjust this. The people you photograph won’t realise a photo was taken. So you can position your light source more to the side. An image is a lot less potent without a story behind it. Castelmezzano Italy. This can mean night street lights, light from shop windows, or a night vendor’s stall. Which Photography Techniques Are Best for Night-Time Street Photos? Brayden Law. Calibrate your aperture to a setting where the noise is manageable. The use of leading lines, bokeh, and photographing for a low key are all great ways to create a good background. Cities In The Night. At this point, you should have a camera body capable of performing at high ISO, and a fast lens on your camera. Another reason the prime lenses work best here is that they are not so flashy. So read on if you want to get some great city street night photos. [Note: ExpertPhotography is supported by readers. How to Ensure the Background Is Not Distracting. There are lots of strategies for getting good photos, do you have any other ideas that you use? This is the most crucial factor when aiming for a good picture.