put the fish envelope at the oven rack and bake for 20 mins. For fish. Combine all the spices and oil and rub over the fish on both sides. Always make sure to baste the fish … put off the top foil sheets and rub the barbecue sauce at the fish. Preparation. Tilapia Fish is a very popular Delicacy in West Africa. With a sharp knife, make 2 incisions on the flesh of each side of fish, season with salt and set aside for about 10minutes to an hour. If you're using any fresh thyme, insert it into the fish. It is popular as a snack for students and low income earners, but If you are a Nigerian, you would agree with me that when it … Refrigerate for 1-10 hours. Gently rub the paste into the fish and it's groves. Pre-set oven to 375F (~190C). Why I love this grilled Tilapia Fish. Gut, scale, and clean fish. Grill After 1 hour, set your oven to two hundred°C / 400F to preheat for 10 mins. Boli , Nigerian Roasted Plantain with grilled fish and pepper sauce Boli or Bole (Nigerian roasted plantain) is a delicious and filling street snack. Wash and pat the fish dry. It’s lean; Requires little prep work before baking; It’s a good source of protein and omega-3 acids, It’s low in calories ; Most of all it’s very inexpensive. Set the oven to grill (broil) and grill for 10 minutes. Place on a grill or in a 350 oven and grill/roast until the skin is crispy and the insides remain juicy.