In 2016, Microsoft's chatbot, Tay, showed that when A.I. MOUNT EVEREST/NEPAL – Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, has been the ultimate achievement for mountain climbers since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first summited it in 1953. By 2019, most companies got the memo about approaching the national tragedy with tact. Companies hurt by bad publicity posted by Lucy Liddiard 4 years ago in Features Raising the public profile of your business isn’t easy and whilst some say all publicity is good publicity that’s not always true when it comes to business, as bosses at a Tonbridge company found out this week. Realizing how tasteless this was, Ledo Pizza deleted the tweet and replaced the pizza flag with a real one, but by that point, it was too late. But as a company that profits from the season of giving, The UPS Store's Scrooge moment isn't exactly the best branding move. This one’s still fresh. Boeing has since been working to fix its flight control software, which is thought to have played a role in the crashes. The 10 Worst Social Media Fails of 2019 Faking a Mental Illness. Like all blogs, we thrive on feedback, so don't be shy! The worst of them are too vile to type, but if you need a hint, think Holocaust denial and mass extermination. Making matters worse, Apple was slow to respond to the reports of the bug, giving media an opportunity to magnify the story even further. Social media and content marketing have become part and parcel of promoting your brand. Either way, the result has been devastating to the small country. Jeremy Story is a Vice President at GroundFloor Media, where he co-leads the firm’s Crisis Communication & Reputation Management practice. THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – At least 11 Americans have died while vacationing this year in the Caribbean island, a number that Dominican Republic officials claim is statistically normal. Unsurprisingly, the tweet was deleted. The NFL quickly acknowledged after the game that the referees bungled the call, but that didn’t stop it from dominating the media in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, rather than more positive story lines. LORI LOUGHLIN and FELICITY HUFFMAN – While dozens of people were charged in a wide-ranging college admissions cheating scandal, well-known actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman became the faces of the issue. From Colin Kapernick to Serena Williams to LeBron James, Nike has been aligning its brand with athletes who are known for social justice issues as much as they are for their performances on the field or court. The company's weak Twitter apology also hit the wrong chords. ROBERT KRAFT – The incredibly successful owner of the New England Patriots saw his personal life turn into a bad made-for-TV movie when he was charged “with two counts of soliciting sex as part of a wide-ranging investigation into prostitution and suspected human trafficking.” The colorful nature of the allegations – a billionaire NFL owner visiting a low-rent, strip mall massage parlor – made the story even more intriguing to journalists. There's nothing wrong with poking fun at a boring Super Bowl ... unless it's played in a stadium in Atlanta you paid $324 million to name. Of course, Uber apologized for the mistake, but it speaks volumes that the ridesharing company hadn't thought through this scenario ahead of time. UPS Store spokesperson Staci Reidinger clarified the company's intentions, saying "at the end of the day, we're not sitting here trying to offend anyone, we're trying to get people to engage with us." Luckily, the aftermath wasn't too brutal for Mercedes-Benz, and most people found the tweet kind of funny. As we continue to watch the events around the coronavirus pandemic unfold and in-line with the #DoingMyPartCO initiative, our goal with this podcast is to shine light on what ourColorado leaders are doing and the issues they’re facing, how best to support Colorado’s smaller nonprofits, innovative ways small businesses are making a difference, and what you and your family can do to help. He has fought the legal charges in court with some success, but the underlying facts seem clear: he paid money to women who performed sex acts on him. Community Support Assistance for Smaller Colorado Nonprofits, kept the New Orleans Saints from advancing, cutting endorsement compensation during maternity leave, actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman became the faces of the issue, Working With Legal Counsel During a Crisis, The Challenges with Prioritizing Community During a Pandemic, Crisis Communication & Reputation Management. Learn from their mistakes, and then proceed with caution on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere online in 2020. This year, 11 climbers died in a 16-day period, as traffic jams of people forced them to wait perilous lengths of time for their turn to try to reach the summit. “Innovate or die” is a big phrase in Silicon Valley. Airlines are offering waivers and credits for passengers who cancel flights to the country, and it is now reeling from a 74 percent drop in tourism. That's what happened when citrus punch brand SunnyD unleashed a series of tweets implying that the brand was losing its will to live. Below you'll find a short list of some of 2019's worst offenders. In response, Uber tweeted "We're so sorry about that N*****!" Sister agencies GroundFloor Media (GFM) and CenterTable navigate the blurred lines between marketing, public relations and advertising – online and off. Meanwhile, media are penning sidebar stories about the history of quality complaints at the facility that produces the 737 Max and whether flyers will trust the plane when it does return. But the company found itself playing defense for cutting endorsement compensation during maternity leave for some of its athletes. At the beginning of April 2017, Pepsi debuted an ad depicting Kendall Jenner in the middle of a… You can also read more about us at or We developed this blog to share our experiences, advice and industry commentary with other communicators. Abby is a thicc girlWhat an absolute unitShe c h o n kLook at the size of this ladyOH LAWD SHE COMINAnother Internetism ! NIKE I – The global sports manufacturing powerhouse suffered a high-profile embarrassment when the best player in basketball, Zion Williamson, had his Nike shoe fall apart during one of the biggest games of the year. Thanks for the feedback Twitter world. innovative ways small businesses are making a difference, and what you and your family can do to help. Twitter experiments have gone in the past, it's fair to say Adidas should have seen this coming. At worst, they can offend entire communities. Editor’s Note: This is a mid-year recap. There's something inherently icky about a bank smugly berating people for their financial instability--particularly one that received a bailout from U.S. taxpayers during the 2008 financial crisis. NFL OFFICIALS – One of the NFL’s worst nightmares became real life in January when an egregiously bad pass interference call (technically a non-call) kept the New Orleans Saints from advancing to the Super Bowl. It was innocent enough -- until trolls with hateful handles exploited the campaign. Dove – “Before & After” Dove completely missed the fact that they’re implying here that dark skin is … The year is barely halfway over, but we already have some blue-chip contenders for 2019’s biggest PR disasters. Nike lost about $1.1 billion in market cap in the immediate aftermath. We encourage you to comment on our blog posts, and if you have suggestions or questions, please shoot us an email at Following plane crashes by Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines that killed 346 people, countries around the globe began grounding Boeing’s 737 Max. Among them: BOEING – Boeing, by a wide margin, has had the worst 2019 so far. Is there a conspiracy, or is it simply confirmation bias? These fails offer real-time case studies in how not to behave on social media. We hope you enjoy it! But intrigue into the nature of the deaths caused media to focus on the issue, which has created a vicious cycle as additional tourists have died. While some users were entertained, others pointed out that a juice brand posturing as a depressed individual was inherently insensitive. Speaking of vile language, in April a troll changed its Twitter display name to the N-word and tweeted at Uber's customer service account about a negative experience it had while using the platform.