Tool Tip: How to Sharpen a Chisel: For many people, chisels are handy little tools...for prying open cans of paint, that is. Seller's payment instructions. I already have a 4k, 8k, swoty hone, and balsa w/ chromium oxide. Lubricate with water while using. 138mm x go, no NEW Please questions before don't charge may sales based your law.We don't tax money. ... Naniwa Chosera 800 Grit Stone - with Base 4.8 out of 5 stars 294. I have enough money for either a 1k & 12k Naniwa Super Stone or a 1k Chosera, only. Naniwa-Chosera Waterstones These stones were discontinued because they're a different thickness than all other Wicked Edge abrasives, and required a tricky and tedious angle adjustment. This 5000 stone seems not much finer than the 3000, and seems muddy. **  A complete sharpening set, for everything from cutting a new edge with the 400 grit for damaged or very old and dull knives, to honing with the 1000 … Details about Chosera 1000 Grit Stone With A Base Whetstone Knife Sharpener Naniwa Japan. It also seems to be thirsty. If you're looking for fine abrasives to create mirror edges we highly recommend Diamond Lapping Films . 5. $128.95. Rust Eraser Sabitoru Medium and Fine 2-piece Set Naniwa Professional Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stones, Set of 3: 400, 1000, 5000, plus FREE Sharpening Guide Clip ** ORDER THIS SET AND SAVE AN EXTRA $10.00 OFF OUR REGULAR LOW PRICES, PLUS GET A FREE NANIWA SHARPENING GUIDE CLIP WORTH $11.95! But a properly-honed chisel is an extremely useful woodworking tool. Complete instructions for care and use are included. Sharpening a chisel is actually quite easy, especially if you use a honing jig. I love all of the other stones. Naniwa PRO stones are squarely aimed at the professional chef, knife sharpener or enthusiast who needs a high performance stone that lasts. Naniwa Chosera Stones Pack for Wicked Sharpening approx. 5 product ratings. 1,000 Grit Super Ceramic Water Stone with a Base (Japan Import) 4.7 out of 5 stars 185. $118.95. I've heard the Chosera is awesome, but I've also heard some pretty good things about the Super Stone. Naniwa PRO Stones Sort By Newest Popular Price, low to … 5.0 average based on 5 product ratings. I love Chosera stones, and I like the base. The Japanese water stone manufacturer Naniwa, based in Osaka, has a reputation for producing the best honing stones. In terms of hardness, Naniwa sharpening and honing stones fall between the Cerax and Naniwa Professional Stones (closer to the Cerax), and you'll enjoy the very pleasant feel when using them. I have two Naniwa Chosera 400 stones, an 800 a 1000, a 2000 Naniwa Pro (no base) a Chosera 3000 and this Chosera 5000. ** A complete sharpening set, for everything from cutting a new edge with the 400 grit for damaged or very old and dull knives, to … An initia… If I go with the Chosera, it might be some time before I can save up enough for a 12k stone. I am not impressed with the 5000. Set of three Naniwa Super Stone Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stones: Coarse 400 grit; Fine 1000 Grit, Extra Fine 5000 Grit, FREE Sharpening Guide Clip ** ORDER THIS SET AND GET A FREE KNIFE SHARPENING GUIDE CLIP WORTH $11.95!