All I want to do is see my son on a regular basis she will not accept money or medical benefits for my son or herself. (262) 782-3090 or (608) 616-5127. I can't agree with Catlin more. when she said i was an alcoholic and have no job, she drank with me all the way up to when she got pregnant both times and she has never had a job as long as we have been together. I am devastated. Contact a local family law firm as soon as you can. What to Do Right Away if Non-Custodial Parent Won't Return Your Child. My daughter and I have had problems since I divorced her father when she was 6 years old. Blog post by Daniel Sampson. Culshaw Miller. I can't see my baby because has refuses for me to see her. I raised her by myself, with very little help from her father. Get a lawyer. I was the partner who couldn't accept the child. My husband is 29. He treats my other children like animals. What are my rights? In almost every case of the breakdown of a family relationship, the first thought of a party is what will happen to my relationship with the children. I have not seen the girls ( ages 12 and 8) in four months. I am 34 and a married woman. My daughter will not let me see my grandchildren. My heart is shattered into a million pieces. First, let me advise you that you probably won't be able to get your child back right away without drawn-out stress and drama, but you should definitely take these steps as soon as possible: 1. They never dig deep why your partner can't do it. Attorney Latrice M. Milton describes your options when your husband keeps you from seeing your children in Wisconsin. and i only called her something in front of her 2 kids because she was calling me stuff in front of her kids. He is treating them like garbage. As I type this the tears are flowing. I did cheat once and asked for a divorce several times before I did. If your partner will not let you see your child then the first thing to do is to try and talk to your partner about the issue and come to some sort of arrangement between yourselves. I think it’s ridiculous that so many people just say walk away. My partner won’t let me see my child. It can be very upsetting if a parent is stopped from seeing their children. I love my wife she did not want to have sex and let her family abuse me her Father pulled a gun on me twice. hello, just to let everyone know, i am the husband and we have agreed to share him. I have a child less than a year old who is ill. She was discharged from the hospital and my husband has her at his home.