As a student, you can try to learn them for yourself. It will be great if I can become a teacher. I also dream of becoming successful in the field I choose although I am still indecisive about the career path I will choose. We all need to have a very specific dream to reach. I am ready to work hard as much as possible to make my dream come true. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in your dreams and inspire you to work hard to attain the same is a good way to stay motivated. It is essential to nurture these relationships by investing time in them. The person who is strong on these two things has a better opportunity to have a stable career. These essays are very informative and super easy to learn. Everyone they come across asks them about their aim in life and career becomes the prime focus of most. I will make money to have a very simple lifestyle and most of my time, I will spend on the people. When was the last time someone told you to stop dreaming and start working? This is my second dream. Hindi essay on hamara desh bharat evolution of man essay. And right on that moment, I fixed my aim to become a game developer. After being a doctor, I will go to some underprivileged area to serve them. google_ad_height = 250; As kids, I also dreamt of becoming a scientist then as I grew I was fascinated by the Bollywood actors and wanted to become an actor however it was only when I completed my 12th standard that I realised that I had a technical bent of mind and decided to get into engineering. Ours is a country of poor economic background. If we all join hands we shall certainly be able to free our country from these evils. When I shared my passion with my parents, they were amazingly supportive. Your health is of utmost importance. My preparation is pretty solid. Dreams are essential. target_type: 'mix' There are so many problems in the country such as poverty, illiteracy and casteism to name a few. All students can find suitable my dream essay here for their study. Ltd. | 2017 All Rights Reserved. If you dream of success, power and love it would pull the same in your life. Yes, that’s my dream. What was it? I am confident enough that I will get a chance at a good university. Everyone dreams of having his or her own house. However, this is the catch! All dreams shouldn’t come real in your life. Set relationship goals just as you set career goals and see how abundantly you are showered with love and affection. Why should you have a dream? As you set short term goals, also keep a reward for each milestone you achieve. I think this profession has pretty good job security and a good income too. I want to help and serve the people. Even if you ask a young child, what he or she wants to achieve in life, he will answer immediately. And then there is an MBBS course lasting for six years. Preparing a plan and getting organized are the initial steps towards attaining your dream. Without any dream or desire, it will be hard to reach a goal. /* India Celebrating_300*250_New */ Overall I am very serious and focused on my dream. I think this time is so revolutionary for computer engineers. I am also a bit of an introvert and do not like opening up with everyone. I also dream of doing something for my country. specially crafted for board exams. But I know whatever I choose I will work hard, stay focused and make it big. My Dream Job In 250 Words. My family is completely supportive about my career dream. My plan and dream are really exciting for me. I will try to make a small hospital there. Most people forget about these relationships when they are doing well in life and only realise their need when they require someone to fall back on after failure. A post graduate in English Literature, writing comes naturally to her and she is doing what she does best - writing and editing. Dreams and desires help us to get success. I would like to make them feel comfortable and see sweet smiles on their faces. So why just dream of a big car, huge bungalow and a six figure salary, why not dream about enjoying good health as well? I want to bring some changes to the system of teaching style. It is thus as important to dream of having loving relationships and having fitness goals as it is to dream of succeeding professionally. 6. And I am working on it. It’s a huge thing and challenging for me. Writing for me has now become a way of life I keep journaling all my feelings and this keeps me sorted. Always remember, in order to attain your dreams you must believe in them and have complete faith in yourself. Your dream motivates you; provides you the strength to face challenges and effort persistently towards its realization. It is not that I cannot reply back, as mentioned “I choose” to do so as I am a peace loving person. I love to work for people. Yes, you literally did! As a career, I want to become a doctor, if possible. Short Essay on My Dream in 200 Words. But everyone can’t go to the goal. To become a doctor in my country, someone needs to get himself admitted into a medical college after passing the 12th. I won’t become a doctor to make money. One of the main hindrances in achieving the dreams and goals is lack of motivation.