integer, say N, specifying the total number Generates a random count vector for one observation of a multinomial distribution for n trials with probability vector pr. integer, say \(N\), specifying the total number where \(C\) is the ‘multinomial coefficient’ hence summing to size. Distributions for standard distributions, including I have been able to achieve this compactly using the following code: dmultinom is currently not vectorized at all and has and N = sum (j=1, …, K) x [j] . Source: R/distributions.R. Bin(n[j], P[j]) sequentially, where numeric non-negative vector of length K, specifying of objects that are put into K boxes in the typical multinomial n[j] = N - sum(k=1, …, j-1) X[k] numeric vector; number of trials (zero or more). # 2.0 Simulate sampling distribution of estimators ---- # 1000 trials (the sampling distribution) of the two estimators # For each trial, generate sample of size n=1027 from the multinomial distribution # w.samplespace=c(1,2,3); the outcomes/cells of the multinomial # prob=fcn.probs.hardyweinberg(x.theta.mle); the cell probilities # # Compute estimates of the Hardy … The density of a dcategory count vector ywith parameter p= (p 1;:::;p d) is P(yjp) = Cm y 1;:::;y d Yd j=1 py j j; where m= P d j=1 y j, 0